UH dk ilvl 210 lf new 2 days a week raiding guild


Im a uh dk ilvl 210 with 8/10 hc and im looking for a new raiding guild, i would preffer a 2 days a week guild that has a good atmosphere and good vibes, and a guild that does m+ too would be awesome!

Im looking forward to hear from you :smiley:

im willing to move server if a good offer comes.

Hey There!
If you’d consider switching to alliance then I might have a guild for you!
Add me on tag Vanq#2404 or Hoterino#6305 discord

Hi there im not sure what server you are on but im an officer in a guild called Fruit vendor on Dreanor.
We’re a group of friends that have been raiding and playing WoW together for years. we are currently 9/10 HC. As soon as we’ve cleared HC we’ll be moving on to Mythic.

We raid 3 days a week, Wednesdays(farm), Thursdays and Sundays(progression) 8pm to 11pm server time. We’d like everyone to be able to join progression as much as possible, with farm being optional.
We aim to provide a nice enviroment where you can have fun and be yourself.

If this sounds like your type of guild feel free to add one of our battle tags


Hey man, i’m the raid leader of Pulling on Twisting Nether, we’re currently looking for a new DK. We’re currently 10/10HC and starting mythic sunday.

Hit me up on Emilnoharm#1316 on bnet if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Hi Mate,

We have been after a DK for a while and would love to have you on board.

Please do check out our post and let me know if it interests you.


hello, 5/10hc is to low ? we would like another dk in our group…

Hello, add my btag for a chat! - Tymoa#2145

Tym, GM of Cynical - 8/10HC, Wed/Thur/Mon 8-11ST

Hello, (H) Twisting Nether, Recursion is currently looking for a few more players. Hope to hear from you.

Hey, I will leave you our recruitment link. Let me know if you are interested: [H] Stormscale <Twisted Red> 8/10hc lf more raider

Hello, maybe this is something that you like…

If you would be willing to transfer to alliance, feel free to give us a read and look-up. :slight_smile: Discord Link is in the advertisement post, can also just reply here and I’ll send my Bnet over.

Hi aidda, I’m a raid leader in the guild Feared on Stormscale and we are currently looking for an Unholy Dk for our Mythic raiding comp. Our current progression is 9/10 heroic and are quickly adding more players to our composition for Mythic. We would love to try you out!

Add me on battlenet : tacoburito#2592

hey buddy would love to have you on board here is our recruitment link [H] - 9/10HC 1-day Raiding Guild feel free to add yasri#2238 on bnet for a chat