UK Player Looking For Home

Hey guys!! Returning player looking to move from Alliance to Horde on a new realm and looking for a really cool new community to call home.

Based in the UK and am 29, got raiding experience and have played the game since Vanilla as well!

Looking to get myself set up in the Horde ready for SL and perhaps dip my toe into doing HC/M Nyalotha too.

Am easy on what I play too - I’d just love to join a really solid existing guild/community that doesn’t mind me hanging around whilst I play catch up! XD

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!

Hey man,
No Loot Again is a community focused guild on Kazzak Horde. We have a focus on mythic plus, heroic raiding and helping new players. Add me on battle tag: Renkin#21989 if you’re interested. We have threads on the the wow forums if you want to find out more!

Hey there! :slight_smile: Fruit Venfor is looking for more people to enjoy WoW with, so if you’d consider a move to Draenor we’d be happy to have you!

For the remainder of BfA we’re raiding Heroic Ny’alotha, pushing some m+ keys and running older raids for transmog and mounts. At the moment we’re 11/12 HC in Ny’alotha, wanting to set foot in Mythic when we have the people for it. We raid thursdays and sundays 8pm to 11pm server time.

For Shadowlands we aim to be a semi-hardcore guild, getting as far as we can through Mythic raids and hopefully gettin Cutting Edge.

If this sounds like something you’d like, add my battletag: Christine#21841
Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:


We are a new raiding guild on Kazzak server with ppl from UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc. I think our guild will suit you well. Most are around 30y/o and I’m Cissi from Sweden and I’m the GM.

If you’d like to hear more we can have a chat on discord; cinichan#9025
or my battle tag: cini#2674

Hey, check this, and if you like it add me to talk more.

Hiya :smile:

You’d be welcome in Strange Loop on Draenor! We are still raiding HC Nya every weekend and are currently working on getting a bigger, more established team ready for SL. If you’d rather be social until SL though, that’s cool too :blush:

The guild’s existed for less than a year but we got a mix of experience levels, fellow veteran Vanilla raiders or people who are new to the game this xpac. Mix of nationalities too but are primarily English speaking.

We’re a chatty bunch that generally just like hanging out with each other, so if you’re keen on an active discord, there’s generally someone hanging out in the voice chat, swift responses to channels too.

If that sounds good or you got questions for me, add my btag! Desiderata#2592

Hello Blazeballs

Please add me on so we can have a chat! :smiley: Rhys#21669

Look forward to chatting and hearing from you soon!

Hi Mate,

Fellow brit here!

We’ve just started on Kazzak after our previous guild was disbanded. We’re currently 6/12M experienced and are looking to push over the next couple of weeks and are on the lookout for players to help form our raiding roster.

If this sounds like something that would interest you feel free to add me on Discord/

Discord: Scótti#3397 sphinxxuk#2524

The guild discord server is: