Unable to transfer away from Gehennas


I’ve been trying to transfer my character away from Gehennas for 2 days now and it keeps saying ‘‘Please clear the mail from this character’s mailbox.’’
I don’t have any mail, auctions, people on ignore list, no active ah bids, no mail that I sent to other characters or anything. I’ve tried every possible option from what I could find on Google and still nothing works. I just want to enjoy leveling without having constant lag, 5 minute to loot a mob and dc’s but it just wont let me use the free transfer…

I’ve also sent in a ticket but it says the wait time is currently 5 days and 4 hours.

If you’ve recently picked up the Scourge Invasion Quest item, a follow up mail will be sent to you a week later… Or perhaps another quest which can take up to a week later.

Keep your ticket short and to the point. Do not cancel and re-open it as this will put you back in the queue. A GM will help you as soon as possible. The average displayed ticket is the longest in queue and yours may be answered sooner.


I did not pick up any of the scourge invasion quests yet

So they tell us to transfer. give us free transfers and we are unable to use them because items are being sent out a week later?

They literally told us they might close the transfers without warning at any time and to take them asap. And we can’t even use them because of their own event

There are multiple quests where the NPC can send you mail afterwards, technically it’s already in your mailbox just on a delay timer so you can’t see it yet, and that can cause this kind of problem with transfers unfortunately.

If you’ve already got a ticket in Support will certainly check if that’s the trouble, in the meantime just keep an eye on your mailbox to see if anything pops up :blue_heart:

A friendly GM helped me out last night. Said there was a hidden mail in my mailbox or something and they deleted it for me.

I’ve been having the same issue now for 72+ hours. I would also like to transfer my char “Pskopat” to Mograine from Gehennas but I’ve been unable to do so because of “Clear the character’s mailbox in order to transfer your character to another realm” bug. Is there any way a GM / Customer Support could assist?

Yea you have to creat a ticket for them to assist.

When I created the ticket it first said 4 days wait time but they replied after a couple of hours and solved the issue for me.

I think they may do easily resolved tickets first then go onto the harder ones. I think they do this so they can say “we answer XX% of all queries in one day”, it the way some government departments have works for a long time.

Well i have the same issue on 2 of my characters…those 2 have a subscribtion from the last brewfest (last year)…so they’re suppose to receive a free beer every month…is it possible that might be the origin of my problem?

That would probably be the problem. I don’t know if a GM can fix it but I would definitely make a ticket

I am also currently waiting to transfer this character from Golemagg but having the ‘MAIL BUG’ also. i do know that GM’s on the NA server are dealing with it however:

Hope we can all get ours sorted also :slight_smile:

I agree with Udderlygood above, I am having the exact same issue.

I hope we can get a fix soon!!

If you haven’t yet, create a ticket to get it fixed.

Same with @Alrighty below you.

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Already have, but thanks.

Same thing here but transfering from Golemagg, happening in 2 of my characters.
Ticket opened, hopefully they get it fixed for us

Had the ticket answered. Basically been told to check the mail and clear it, but its obvious that the issue is that there’s no mails to be removed from neither of my characters.

I re-raised the ticket hoping it can be fixed.

Man you actually check the US forums? They actually get help directly within hours. All we get so far is canned responses and no action. Why is there such a big difference between the support teams from EU and US?

The second and “final” answer to my ticket is that they cannot workaround or cancel the mail in any way (why can they do it in US but not here?).

Literally been told it’s a waiting game and the only thing I can do is cross fingers so the transfers are not closed by the time my characters are transferable.

So what, we are migrating servers because the server we are coming from is overpopulated (so we are the ones taking the loss in reality) and we can end up with some characters abandoned in a server where I do not have friends anymore, and not even any of my other characters?

UPDATE: after 48h, although not solved by a GM I received the scourge quest letters, deleted them and managed to transfer my characters. Despite this, the customer service should be addressing this with better answers than “good luck”.