Unholy DK / Havoc DH LF Mythic Guild (2 Nights)

Hello there,

Firstly thanks for taking the time to read through this.

I am currently on the lookout for a guild. Here’s a little about me:

Age: 30
Location: UK

Good communicator, very social and enjoy playing both in raids and M+. (2k+ rating on main).
A good amount of high-end experience through many previous expansions and 9.0.

I am on the lookout for a guild as my last guild disbanded during Castle Nathria, I did help out a friends guild for a bit on SLG, but I couldn’t commit to their raid times so simply hung around and played when they were struggling for numbers.

In 9.0 I mained a Marksman Hunter for raids, and played Brewmaster Monk in M+ mainly. However I have rerolled in 9.1 and have been playing VDH, and UH DK.
I am looking to raid as a melee DPS or tank. My preference would be Unholy DK, but can offer Havoc DH.

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a stable mythic guild, I don’t mind which realm or faction, happy to transfer from horde for the right guild.

No more than 2 nights a week raiding.

The absolute minimum start time is 20:30 server time, 19:30 UK time, I have a son and can’t play before his bed time.

I’d prefer not to raid Thursdays but that’s not a deal breaker but will depend on the other night.

A real community feel to the guild, I would like a guild that don’t just show up to raid and then all go offline until the next raid.

A guild who had decent progress in 9.0 and is showing promise in 9.1.

If you are looking for someone like me, please let me know, drop your bnet or discord below and I will happily share logs, rio, armory etc with you, as I mentioned, I am very flexible, just want to find the right home.

Heya, we are a 2 day a week raiding guild (Thursday and Monday, 21:15-23:30). We are 9/10 HC and will be soon heading into mythic. Add me on bnet (Scar#2634) or discord (scar#0097) if you’d like a chat.

Hello, Joint Effort a 7/10 HC guild who raids Wed & Sun 20:30 - 23:30 Server time.

Think we could be a good fit. We are most of us around 30 years old with commitments outside of the game with children, families and jobs :slight_smile:
You can add me on Discord Cachol#4682 or on Bnet Cachol#2628

Hi Teri,

Would love to have a chat, you look/sound like you fit in perfectly.

Heres a link to our guild and if it interests you please do add me on BNET: Psykick06#2401