Unprovoked Taunting and Agression ********-ArgentDawn [EPOCH]

Not sure if you can name specific players in such a manner on the forums.


So instead of reporting some raider for their language, you decided to break the forum rules by mentioning specific information about this person on forums. On top of that, on forums of EU´s biggest roleplaying server where most people come to discuss RP and don´t really care about what happens on raiding scene? Is this your way of “following up” on something?


AFAIK we still aren’t allowed to name and shame.


I was not aware it is not allowed to call out on people’s actions.
I do wonder what the alternative is since I don’t feel language report is going to make much of a difference as mentioned by the other party.

If I crossed a line, please do make me aware and take appropriate action.

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People on Argent Dawn acting like despicable human beings? Well shucks, whoever this person is, is a good example of how Argent Dawn attracts the worst kind of people (Don’t deny it, we all know it’s true, the Duskwood thread and the one thread about the IP tracking guild showcase this well enough).

Though I was not expecting someone from outside of the server to try and throw shade against people on the server, which is a first. Sorry to hear about this. And yes, the person you dealt with is an arrogant son of a gun.

What is that gonna do exactly? All I can really think of is writing a ticket in order to report these people directly, and maybe a few images to help cement the whole thing. Though I feel like even then it’s probably not gonna lead anywhere, as Blizzard is cutting corners even on customer support in human decency.

As far as I know, this forum section really is used for different things as well, not just talk about Roleplay.

I don’t think it’s the “Calling out people’s actions” part that is making people go “Stop, criminal scum!”, it’s more the part of name-dropping, which is on the forum is not exactly a bueno thing to do.

Though I have copied the name down, and I do plan on doing a bit of a personal investigatory thing, and I will come back and confirm if the person’s attitude is as snarmy and arrogant as stated here, or if it’s entirely different (Though chances are it’ll be different, because not everyone is an idiot who can’t do PR to save face)

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According to a blue: in Welcome, Please Read!:

Kudos to you for caring enough and being brave enough to post, however I believe you should have brought the issue to an officer of the guild in question instead of publicly posting about it first.

If after contacting the guild officers the issue still isn’t resolved, and you’re at your wits end, then I believe you can attempt to bring it to the public eye, because at that point there’s something seriously wrong.

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Serious drama…facepalm

it’s epoch what do u expect lol


Honestly, this is actually the best thing to do. Best to keep it under wraps between you and the guild’s officers, only making this public if the guild’s officers prove to be as uncaring as the person that you are having grievances with.

Now there’s a good chance that these folks will go on emergency lockdown and probably keep their heads down, assuming any of them are active forum-goers and see this thread.

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I understand the reactions, at least till certain degree. Context considerd I do not regret my action other then mentioning the name too specificly. I Im able to admit that was a bit too much of a good thing. At times it’s simply difficult to cancel out all emotions entirely and I consider it a personal allergy zone. I’ll try to reflect on this as I’m aware that lashing out in emotion tends to result in opposite effect.

That being said, altough this is told from my perspecitive and none is fully objective, I do believe it reflects with reality to acceptable degree for most.

I edited out the specific name and do not plan on dragging on the subject. I hope best for all people involved as this is hardly something to lose sleep over.

Best regards,

A fellow community member.

I’ve bought toilet paper from Aldi thicker than your skin, man.


Raid leaders can invite and kick who they want and when they want. You’re not really entitled to anything, not even a reason. Would it be nice? Sure, but come on, man. This is hardly a WoW problem, but rather an internet problem.


That means you care at least a little bit


Here’s a redpill: Don’t join pugs if your skin is not thick enough to deal with them.


Not to defend anyone acting bad or anything, but the last few replies are kinda correct. Dude invited his buddy for a raid and you got replaced. Sure, it’s nepotism, but I don’t think you understood the situation.

From what you’re saying, you got demanding and the RL didn’t understand why. I personally feel like the situation might no be quite like what you’re trying to paint it as, but in light of everything: who cares? So many HC pugs these days, just get another one, and if you want a fun environment for learning, get a guild.


Don’t worry Chouêtte, no one on this server likes them either.


Guess you got taunted into writing this now didn’t you?

And the goal of this thread was… what exactly? Genuine question. What were you hoping to achieve?

Gosh imagine being on a PvE realm and this is the total sum of the type of drama you get.

I’d be bored out of my skin.

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