[UPDATED 2 AUGUST] Shadowlands Season 4 Content Update Notes

10k is nothing at this point, I have more than enough even though I’ve done plenty of catalyst transmogs and alike for alts.

Will Grimrail Depot Nitrogg Thundertower boss get fixed in time? If 1-2 players died to his mortar strike while he’s switching to phase 2 he just float on top of his cannon and becomes untargetable. You can’t do damage, you can’t get out of combat you are stuck, so you will have to reset the dungeon from the beginning. Not even feign death or shadowmeld works to reset boss. https://imgur.com/a/rb4wpF8

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so crafters can sell all they mats coz most of ppl got max lvl legendarys and no new are coming … so whats point in being getherer in season 4

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