[Updated 6/12] Make Merry at the December Trading Post

Why are PETS worth as much as mounts, or even more so [750] ???


Mage staff looks good. Might get stormhammer for a dwarf shaman I’ll never level up.

I will spend literally zero tender this month and completion reward is also April 1 reward. Are you kidding us? A pet reward? Haha.

red fox i like i hope it fly


for a year-end event, it’s a huge disappointment

I was w8 for something special… for example BRING Benediction/Anathema back please!

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I am gonna be so tired of those hoodie cloaks by the time they are done adding colours, but I’ll keep buying them!


Crikey the pets are pricey. The mage staff though… yes please!

I was going to say bc they’re unique, but Garr’lok and the Spectral kitty (ignoring it’s non-union Chinese equivalent) aren’t that. Two 600-650 TT pets are unique. There’s just no consistency with prices to give a proper answer; same goes with the mounts.

Why is every good looking weapon 1H ?
and why cant warriors tmog 1H into 2H still ???


I like the mage items and the mount. Certainly going for them!

Shaman set has an Aztec vibe about it. Looks pretty neat. As for the rest it’s yet again a skip month for me.

Reindeer will go in a cage and be forgotten to be fed.

Pet as a final reward is a bit underwhelming :frowning:

What I really want is a small repeat small but pretty bow, and some coloured coolie hats that can be worn by leather wearers


Thats a big fox…

definitely has this vibe…

Agreed…and I really do love the baby moose but it doesnt feel like a big reward.
Should of been a holiday themed transmog. They could of done a nice (tacky!) red and green open robed number like they have been doing lately.

Lots for me this month tho! I’ll be getting the hunter sets (I like the shoulder and belt even though I dont understand the helm at all!!LOL).
Love the stormrider hammers, red fox mount and tabard.
Also will be getting at least one sarong…I love it when I can mix armor types with cosmetic options.

I feel i never get to buy any mogs because i cant get mogs before mounts and pets and there is never enough currency left over for mogs and sometimes even pets and mounts. Maybe i got some OCD going im not sure. Kinda like when i eat at burger king i will under no circumstance start eating the burger before i have eaten all fries. Maybe its just my autism apparantly thats what i have according to my psych evaluation

The shaman armor set is unbelievably terrible. Why would they make it a look that only really works for Zandalari and then say its for all shaman.

This wouldnt even look good, or make sense on an orc shaman, let alone any of the alliance side races.

Really terrible choice compared to the other class armor sets, very disappointing.

“Ah yes, a ‘moose’. Of course I have seen a “muse” before. That’s how it’s pronounced, yes? I used to play… fetch? With my neighbors muse growing up. You can count on me to make a good looking muse.”

If I woke up looking like that I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.

Thrall has been wearing one for years.

I am the other way. Can’t get the pets or mounta because I need the mogs first.