Veteran player looking for a Mature m+ community

My partner and I are returning to wow for Shadowlands and we’ve had a really hard time finding an active guild.

We have kids and jobs and other things that take time so we can’t play at a hardcore level anymore, but we still want to do challenging content when we can play. And we’d love to do it with some awesome people! Anyone have two spots for some good players, who just can’t commit to a 7 days a week raid schedule anymore? :slight_smile:

Hello Illumina. Our guild has 2 mandatory raid days, yet we demand people to be prepared so our progression is fast! add me on discord we are interested: Liebe#2005

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Hi Vinter. Thanks a lot for the offer, but I can’t commit to any raid dates. Life is too busy and with kids too unpredictable to be able to promise my time in that way. I’m looking for a guild or community where I can log in and find a group for mythic + unplanned. I also just want a community where I can chat to cool people. I’m mainly playing WoW for the social experience and without and active guild/community that’s sorely lacking. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your guild and thanks again for the offer.

Hello Illumina.

Wow if you joined us at Faster than Lag people would get so confused since my current main is called Illuminani xD.

Well to the more serious stuff.

Hai Illummina again we at Faster than Lag is know as a social raiding guild and we do raid friday and saturday HOWEVER we do m+ on every other day that isnt those 2 days and we still have socials who wants to do M+ on friday and saturday anyways so you are more than welcome to join us :slight_smile:

You can read more about us here

Please add LFC#21212 if you are interested or just want to chat about what options you could have with us :slight_smile:

Best regards Raelona (Illuminani)

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Hi Illuminani. This sounds absolutely perfect! I’ll contact you in game when I’m online later. :slight_smile:


This might not be entirely what you are looking for. However, I have created a small community where no server transfer is required. As a bit of a background I am former mythic raiding guild leader, who like yourself no longer can commit to a raid schedule. Therefore, I have created a small in game community of players where the goals of the runs be it mythic+ or raids are about enjoying ourselves, while still trying to have some challenge in game.

The community is new and we currently have 11 members, we are still growing but many of us have played together anywhere from 4 to 10 years. It is going to be a small group of people 20-25 people maximum aiming to do mythic keys together with voice. There will be some raiding but it will be casual as most of us are a bit past the dedicated raiding time of life. So for example we might say a week in advance would anyone like to raid next friday and we’ll get it sorted, it is all about what works for the majority and there is no need to commit at all to a raid if you are busy on a given day, we won’t be aiming to do mythic most likely, I won’t rule it out however.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please do send me a friend request and we can discuss further.

Thank you.