Voting Closed -- A New Mount is Chosen

Any idea what will happen with rest of those mounts? They should look cool, would be shame if those ideas were just scraped


Praise be to the tree!


Hurrah #TeamWanderingAncient, we did it!!!


If it doesn’t catch fire near sylvans i don’t want it.


Thank you for holding the vote can you please do this more often for world wide thank you every player counts not just USA players .


I can’t wait to see what it looks like.


They’ll prob go to the Store.

This is the WoWhead post on Twitter

Blizzard’s Choose the Next Free #Shadowlands Mount poll has ended, with the Wandering Ancient winning in both the NA and EU!

I could live with that, im only interested in caterpillar so few € wont kill me for that

I mean it would make sense.

Because Blizzard made something familiar for the bikes in WoD i believe?

Horde bike got the most vote, Horde got a Free mount, but Alliance could still get their Bike in Stormwind.

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Watch nobody actually use the mount in a few weeks from now because it’s a clunky tree.


I run around on my long boi all over the place atm, I am more than willing to rotate the tree into that action.


It is a tree.

Longboi is at least somehow unique, if every other is gona run on this mount, i definitely wont.

It doesn’t feel that unique, I see them all over the place. But the tree will be like a moving forest and it’s going to be an awesome sight.

Agree there is tons of them, but it aint as much as with free/easier to grt mounts

A moving forest is interesting idea, but it would be harder to fit in with transmog, idk how many do that tho, i like when my tmog matches my mount

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Wait. Do we ride a tree, or do we become a tree?

I kinda hope it’s a shapeshift instead of a mount. But either way I think we made the right choice. :slight_smile:

Cool, a another mount I won’t use.


The tree won before the polls were even open.

A mount with such a clear Night Elf profile was never not going to sweep it.

Grats to all who voted for it though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Why would people vote for a tree? I don’t think I can be a part of this community if they think a walking tree is better than a caterpillar. I’m guessing more Alliance voted than Horde did, right?

Why would people vote fro Trump ?


This alone proves that Democracy is bad system