Warlock - LF 2-day Mythic raiding guild - CE xped

Hi, looking for a nice friendly 2-day mythic raiding guild, any realm, any faction - willing to transfer either sides or realm!
Started playing SL this month and looking to get back into raiding in a nice environment but progressive mindset.

Class: Warlock
Spec: Destruction/Affliction
Xp: Started raiding in end of BFA managed CE with a nice guild, also + if guildies pvp (arenas/rbg) im 2.4 xp 3v3/2v2 down for some rbgs would be sick plus.
Logs: www. warcraftlogs. com/character/eu/alonsus/meme?zone=24&new=true)
(It won’t let me add link/hyperlink so must fix spaces)

I’ve done the new raid couple of times, herioc once for gear catch up, but wanna see if there is a similar guild that is willing to recruit, so of course I put in the effort as well :wink:

Pls leave msg here or contact info, ty ^^

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[boogie down] is a guild formed during Shadowlands currently 9/10 Heroic and by Wednesday we are moving on to mythic. We raid Wed 8pm-11pm and same for Saturday. We are Horde Draenor
We are a newly formed guild but we are very dedicated and close to our goals of having our mythic roster fleshed out. Our guild has several people interested in PvP and we are looking to organize semiregular/regular RBG’s with the guildies.

Still missing a Warlock and a Hunter and I think you’d be a great fit into our core raiding roster!

If you want to talk a bit about joining before you can add me on Discord you can add me: Akselib#5076.

Hope to hear from you! :sunglasses:

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Hey Mate,

Might be of interest to you!
Disciples (Based on Alonsus - Same realm as you, So no need to transfer) is looking to fill out it’s core team in preparation for Mythic. Currently sitting at 8/10HC. Raiding twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays (8pm GMT to 11pm GMT) with a Tuesday Alt Run. We have a strong social scene outside of raids so although we are progress focussed within our raids, We like to chillout and do M+ and RBGS outside of these times.
If this sounds of interest add me on Discord Hoterino#6305 or on Battlenet Vanq#2404

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Hello, not to mythic yet, but maybe you will like this…

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Hi mate,

We are looking for solid DPS to add to our mythic raiding roster. We are currently 10/10 Heroic CN with raid dates being Wed/Thurs 8-11pm. Chill, mature guild with tons of banter . Get back to me on my battlenet Rufar#21485

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This only applies if you’re Swedish :slight_smile:
Guild: Akademien
Server: Outland-EU
Faction: Alliance
Progression: 3/10M
Recruiting: Disc Priest, Warlock
Raid Times: Wednesday Sunday 19:15-22:30

Hello! I’m Ritsao, raid leader of the fully Swedish guild and raid team: Akademien. We’re a small community built around our Raid team. The raid team split with our old guild in december and started up our own. We got Cutting Edge in Ny’alotha and plan on getting it every tier, improving over time.

If you want to read more about us please visit our wowprogress page https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/outland/Akademien or shoot a message to me directly on Discord: Ritsao#9988


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Hi meme! I’m a raid leader in the guild Feared on Stormscale and we are urgently needing a warlock for our mythic team set up. Our current progression is 9/10 heroic and are quickly adding more players to our composition switching from 2/3/9 to 2/4/14. A lot of us do PvP as well as well as m+ and we aim to get cutting edge for every tier. We raid 2 days on Tues and Thurs 8pm ST. I feel like you can be a good fit!

Add me on battlenet : tacoburito#2592

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Hey mate, lots of good alternatives for you already presented here! I’d like to pitch in with an offer of my own:

Disruption is an Alliance guild based on Silvermoon, raiding 2 days a week at Thur/Sun 20:00-23:00 ST. We’re an exodus of ex-mythic raiders from various guilds that came together a few weeks ago to form a team of our own. We are 9/10HC after the 2nd reset together and we have nearly a full team going (2/4/11) which means we only need a few more dps roles to fill the missing spots.

Our plan is to get HC on farm at first, then start using the skip to selectively do bosses once the WowAudit wishlists thin out. When we’re at that point, we use the first raid night to clear the designated bosses in HC, then transition into Mythic progress. I’ve done 2/10M myself and progressed Hungering, so I anticipate that our team will attain 2/10M relatively fast, as I’ve done the hard labour already and just need to guide the rest through the process. We expect to kill Denathrius HC the coming reset.

If this sounds to be aligning with something that’d fit you, feel free to add me on Bnet (sparrow#22731)

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We are Rat Pack, a 2 day raiding guild on Stormscale, we are currently 10/10 HC and 2/10 M. We have resurrected an old CE guild and our goal is to get CE in each tier. I’m not going to lie, we had a rough start and expected to be further than 2/10 by now but we are working on it. We raid on Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 to 23:30. Here is a link to our recruitment forum thread for some more info: [H][Stormscale] <Rat Pack> 2/10 M recruiting dps and healers for CE.


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“Extremely” is a new guild, started at the end of BFA looking for all sorts of very cool players!

Searching without much luck for a progress-focused raiding guild that allows for real-life jobs and long afk times, we decided to start one ourselves and hope to find other players who are looking for a similar home.

We raid 2 nights/week, Wednesday-Friday 20:30-23:00, without strict raid attendance (within limits of course). We are currently 9/10 HC, fast growing and improving. Our raidleaders are multi CE players in previous expansions.

We are also accepting casual players and socials, as well as people who are new to the game and need some guidance, or just want to be in an enjoyable environment. We have a social/alt normal run on Saturday evening.

We are also in search of people who wish to push M+ dungeons and just generally enjoy the game together.

We are always looking for good players, so drop us an app if interested!

If interested to join or looking for more info, please contact at btag Ghanima#2846 or add discord at Liv#8207 so we can have a chat.

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nice :slight_smile:


Hey Meme I heard about your exquisite skills when you were still called Leblanc and your skills were certainly good. I hope you find a decent guild and then later boost me again