What a complete joke. Can I get a refund?

But does it clip on Pandarens??

that is after all, the only important question!


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Lol, that’s actually hilarious.

Look at it on my Female Orc Monk.


I’ll be clicking that refund Button for sure.


It does, yes: https://i.imgur.com/vNPFjSN.png

It’s completely unusable.
Like I said: it’s a joke.

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oh wow…that is bad! You’d think it would at least work on the monk master race!
The question is do you keep it, hoping it will get fixed, or refund?

I kept the mail armor that was missing half its texture and they did fix it later. Maybe if enough people complain this will get fixed too?

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Blizzard don’t care about the Monk class.

This is an Elite PvP set from Legion:

The screenshot attached to this page was posted by yours truly.

As you can see, the entire set was designed to be purple, including the “rope” parts of the armor. But they were so lazy while recoloring this set that they kept the rope of the belt red.
I reported this issue several times both using the in game tool, and on the forums.

It’s been 7 years and it still looks like this.

anything that does not affect what you pay for does not make you eligable for a refund
you agree to a document that states you only pay for server access before you’re even allowed into the game

So this is what en evil twin looks like.


It’s because the keg is on the side of the staff, and if they rotate it so it falls next to your shoulder when holstered, it will sit on the top of the pole when it’s unsheathed. Just like Fu-zan.
Assuming they can’t adjust the rotation separately for the sheathed/unsheathed state of the same weapon.

you have like 1-2 hours to refund it and if its to late well wait for them to fix it

Slapface has a need to express himself on 5x created topics across his alts.


That looks very uncomfortable. I hope they’ll fix it, it’s weird that it went live this way. Poor monks!

It’s what the Monks deserve.

This really looks bad.
At first I thought maybe this weapon is strictly dedicated for Pandarens but apparently not…
At this point the only people happy with this weapon would be ones like me who hides weapon when not using.

Oh dear

That is an actual terrible oversight. Do they not test preview these items? :woman_facepalming:

Does it at least work by going over your shoulder if you unholster it?

just use the weapon, then is gone when it bothers you that much. I dont think it is a problem, in WoW there is no good graphics anyway and most things clip somewhere

Nope. They went full lazy, it doesn’t use the special Fuzan animation when unsheathed.

What a mess.

That is pretty bad.
I feel sorry for everyone who thought they looked good.

This looks like a stupid oversight. The same weapons literally exists in the game and i’m sure it will be fixed. Still, a stupid, very easily avoidable oversight.

Not waving my fist like its the end of the world. Just shaking my head.