What is the current state of Moonglade?

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IRL, the sort of attack the Horde head of state suffered in Stormheim, would’ve caused an immediate declaration of war.

Arguing that such could happen again in the near future, isn’t a far fetched theory.
Let alone the fact the Horde has zero reasons to let Stormheim slip unanswered.

Flip the roles and consider what the reasonable response do you think both sides should’ve had.


Another thread turned into Horde v. Alliance, I see.

Movin’ on.

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Tbf, it’s quite ridiculous that the Horde doesn’t let it slip, and using it as an excuse to start a war, especially since the Alliance leadership has been targetted multiple times by the Horde, or Horde-affiliated, forces and let it slip.

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And even if they did, I’d still say that’d make zero sense. Even if to be honest, I can’t think of any situation in which they did.

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When Varian was in Theramore for a peace summit, a know member of the Horde tried to assassinate him (Garona).
When the Regent-Lord of Stormwind (Bolvar) fought at the Wrathgate, a high member of Forsaken society threw blight at them.
When the Horde invaded Ashenvale they specifically targetted night elven (and Alliance) leadership.
When the Horde plundered ancient mogu tombs, the Warchief tried to beat the Prince of Stormwind to death.

And these are just from the top of my head.


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's right though.

We’ve had this discussion dozens of times, and both sides have dug their heels in.

And I gotta go to work anyway now!


to actually answer the question:

moonglade is, rightly so, doing their stuff to actually mend the world whilst the two factions harvest it.


(Zarao) #28

And the immediate response was to declare war on the Horde.
A situation that was deflated if I remember correctly, because further down the line it was proven that it was the Twilight Hammers doing to cause division.

And the Alliance retaliate instantly by invading Undercity, killing Putress, and having the Night elves cut all wood access on Ashenvale for the Horde. Instant retribution.

Not sure if you are talking here about Cataclysm or BfA.
Regarding the former, the Alliance invaded the Barrens in response. To the point they went after Mulgore and Durotar too.
If it’s about the later, this came as a response of what I already said a few posts above.

Doubt this counts as an actual act of aggression that went unanswered, as it was part of an ongoing war between both factions. They were already killing each other across the globe.


In short, all the examples named had the Alliance instantly reacting with an equatable response. While Stormheim was left hanging while the plot address bigger things like the Legion invasion.

Yeah, kind of derailing it. I’ll stop now. My bad.

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That was the point of my sarcasm, which seems to have gleefully sailed over people’s heads. I did write a measured response, but then thought, what is the point, it will end up in the usual Alliance vs Horde poop flinging anyway… One day, a conversation will be had which does not rely on “Alliance is Good! Horde is Bad!”

But today, is not that day…


Hey, i tried to answer the title question shrugs. Not sure why it’s gone entirely off track.

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As we all know, Moonglade is the base of operations for the Cenarion Circle, a neutral Druid organization. However, in Battle for Azeroth, we get fairly little lore on the Circle and its doing. The most we get is that they are active in Silithus.

From that, we cannot really pull many conclusions on the Circle’s stances other than that they are still neutral. They work together with the Earthen Ring to mend the wound in Silithus, and that is presumably the extent of what they get up to.

I don’t believe we should assume the Circle does act out against the Horde because, even with as logical as it may seem for some, the Circle is still a fairly big organization in-game and they may well have some kind of influence in the war, if they got involved.

Keep in mind that even though Malfurion Stormrage fights in Darkshore, he doesn’t fight on behalf of the Circle. It doesn’t tell us that the Circle is suddenly Alliance and not Horde, because he fights on behalf of the kaldorei, not the Cenarion Circle.


Is the circle more powerful now than it was in previous expansions, we’ve not really seen an inclusion of other races into the circle since the lore and factions were updated to include more druids.

We now have worgen, trolls (both darkspear and zandalari) and the highmountain tauren plus the Kul tiran humans who all are druids through one form or another. With this expansion of druids all who go about getting their training in different ways but all who must get their power from the same source aka nature/azeroth. My question is do they even know about moonglade or hyjal and do they even care about it, it is the something they feel a connection too or are drawn too as a font of power in some spiritual way ? Would they want to defend it ?

So many questions now that druidism is being changed and grown in a big way over this and other expansions. I’m also interested because i’m a lore junky and i’d like to see this and other areas progressed like the Loa and forset Lords, the trolls have their Loa and the night elves/tauren have the forset lords but they are the same thing basically. Do they commune with each other ? work together, know of each other ? whats their connection etc ?

Sorry to side bar the conversation but it does interest me to know where it all is going and will we get more lore to connect the dots ? But i do think hyjal and moonglade have been spared by sylvanas on purpose as to not fracture her own faction and not be on bad terms with the zandalari but its also possible blizzard just couldn’t be arsed and forgot haha.

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Eh Moonglade prolly not but Hyjal is Alliance as of A Good War

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Oke you got me. I concede I was blinded by me favour of the Alliance :frowning:

We’re all equally guilty to this :wink: It’s just because we like this game so much!

Sarcasm doesn’t travel well on the internet, though. Also, you had, imho kind of a dick reaction to my pointing out we see Earthen Ring Shaman and Cenarion Circle Druids actively fighting for the Horde and Alliance during invasions.

Say what? how? When?

As did I!

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The Horde invaded the Forests,burned the trees, pillaged the villages,murdered thousands, and finally destroyed the world tree alongside many civilians.
When the horde and the alliance invaded in wc3 they were met with brutal resistance from the Kaldorei as well as Cenarius and the Ancients.
Now the Cenarion Circle,the druids, and Cenarius sit idle as everything gets destroyed and burns…horrible horrible writing, a complete pile of manure. The amount of errors in the narrative is staggering, from having the Kaldorei lore butchered to making a Zandalari work with Jaina after the murder of their king lol what a joke.

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If you don’t like the game, the :door: is that way.

And don’t let it hit you on the way out.

(Tyrandé) #38

I am talking about the narrative not the gameplay…


Sometimes it is because people like the game, that they offer constructive criticsim :slight_smile:

For something to improve in quality, “yay-sayers” are hardly ever the solution.

Besides, as a rule, critics on these forums are really moderate and good-spirited. So, Blizzard can only benefit, right?

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They could. If they bothered to listen.


They listen they just imeadlty forget it/think own idea is better.