What to do with Anduin?

I’m still at odds with the whole Holy Light thing. I fear that Turalyon will become a religious extremist when Yrel invades Azeroth with her Lightbound fanatics. I’m almost sure that after Dragonflight there will be another invasion, either of the Void or the Light. Then, the prophecy about the “third death” will come true and either Arator or Turalyon die, sending Alleria over the edge and then… [thank you, profanity filter]… poo-poo will fall into a ventilator.

I still believe Anduin to be the true Child of Light and Shadow, but the far more important question for Azeroth is:
Will he have a beard when he returns? :man_beard:

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Like I said, I am not trying to predict anything here. I do agree that when they introduced fanatic Yrel and Xe’ra, they certainly had some Light invasion plot in mind. I’m not so sure about Turalyon, since he has been supportive of his voidy wife from the start, but I guess I see how they could escalate that situation, if they wanted to.

What I’m certain of is that I don’t want them to. And with their recent directional chances, I am not convinced that the devs are sticking to their original plans, either.

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I have a soft spot for the Warcraft 2 characters and everything regardig Turalyon and Alleria has a bit of nostalgia for me, so I don’t want to see any of them “corrupted”, but… I guess, we have to wait and see. Arator would fit the prophecy as well, since his father is Lightforged and his Mother Void-infused, but there has to be a pay-off for that weird purple force that crawled up Anduin’s arm in the novel.

I really wonder what he might be doing in the Shadowlands, and I’m excited to see what he’ll become after therapy with Sylvanas.

Why should he be corrupted? He could simply be driven by faith and conviction, in the AotL’s values, in contrast to a more true believer standpoint of the likes of Velen.

Alleria is either going to get rid of the naaru, go mad from the whispers or have it be completely irrelevant for the rest of her existence.

God Emperor Anduin Wrynn will return after his done the classic horde soul searching ™ thing and just like the horde he will have learned nothing from it :smiley:

He is not going to die and will return eventually. No need to worry.

So I am doing the human Heritage Armor quest and working from your idea of Anduin being a low profile figure , how about this ?
Doing the heritage Armor quest I liked the old school vibes of the nobles and the small people . Going around the old zones .
So going from there we could have Anduin return incognito and message us (the hero) to meet him , since he’s known us since Pandaria .
He goes around similarly to how old Thiroun Fordring was (before he became the Ashbringer >>> in vanilla he was just named “The Hermit” ) . Basically no-one recognizes him and he goes around helping the small people . He asks us the hero to go with him on his journey to see the world from the perspective the small man . We fix carts ,save kids from wolves , kick the behind of some corrupt noble who took the mayor’s daughter and so on . We go around and see how our heroic antics have really put ordinary Joe trough the grinder and no one cares for him . Remember the Vanilla set up ? The armies are away fighting who knows what and there is no-one to protect us . Well damn , we have been away for a veeeeery long time . Surely much has happened .

All of the above goes well with Anduin’`s desire to help people and would be nice not to put him on some shining pedestal of all knowing guru . The above selfless acts could really expand his connection to the “light” also , as to tell the truth I like the light to remain good and not some ambiguous cosmic force . It would also build him up to be a truly good and respectable future king in deeds and not just words .
It also gives us a chance to revisit old zones and see what happened to many characters we interacted with in the past .
Best of all , this is a back to ground approach , where we can finally be just >>> that guy and not All mighty lvl 9999999999.9 hero .

To tell the truth this could have been a great set up for a new expansion , where you don’t even have to invest tons of time and resources in creating new zones . You simply use the old once and put in them some quality content . To tell the truth , I am so tired of these 3-4 zone expansions , back to back .Azeroth is supposed to be wide place and you are stuck in a small speck of it all the time . Supper boring .
All the above could have actually been this expansion instead of going to dragon lala land and I would have enjoyed having 30-40 zones with 50-100 quests in them to complete instead of riding dragons in the same zones over and over . I think this would have been a good use of the “time skip” and the “end of story” of the Jailor .

This leads me to my next though . Blizzard should really reconsider their approach of “islands” for each expansion and instead revive the old world . Make new content for it , so that we can see it change with each expansion based on the actions we took . It could also help fix the leveling experience as now new players would be on the same level of old players exploring the world together .

I think for now it’s pretty out of character for him to have fallen this far so quickly. I mean he’s come back from Garrosh quite literally dropping a bell on his head, led the Alliance to victory in the Fourth War and as seen in the new heritage questlines he was doing genuine good in Westfall and cracked down on corruption within the House of Nobles.

I think this complete radio silence is really out of character, but I would like to see him working from the shadows for a while and basically having Shaw relay his commands. I know Turalyon is an overall good character, but if he ever becomes a bit too big for his boots and starts making aggressive movements against the Horde and ignoring Anduin’s edicts/changes them, that’s when Anduin should step forward again.

To be fair, he was imprisoned and tortured for 2 years, and then had his mind violated, and watched his body murder indiscriminately. That does sound like it could be worse than what he went through before.

Tbh it’s rookie numbers for at least 50% of characters in this game whether lore characters or random NPCs.

For innocents/allies? Not really, no. And I think the mind-graping-thing is quite different than doing it of your own volition.

I say Alliance civil war. Imagine all the suppressed scores people could settle.

I bet Wimbert has the longest black list!

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Purge them all!


Why are the people so obsessed by the idea of an alliance intern conflict, the garrosh story a third time only dyed in blue.
That doesn’t make the story any better if you change colour, its just predictable and the outcome won’t changed after all, at the end ist just status quo.

In my humble opinion, Anduin would no longer be a king after five years. The House of Nobles would have ousted him long ago and replaced him with their own man, especially after Anduin tried to “somehow” put an end to their corruption (aka their wealth and power).

With clever moves, of course. Not like Clessington. What a stupidly written character lol.

Anduin is ruined. It’s better if he stays away.

It wouldn’t have to be a big bloody (civil) war or anything. I’d love to see some Game-of-Thrones-ish vibes, where nobles try to sell each other out or fight each other for the King’s favor or influence. :thinking:

Well, I believe they said that Turalyon has the favor of the nobles due to his hero status and his deeds in the 2nd War.

I doubt that Anduin will be the same person when he returns. I mean, he’s joining Sylvanas in hell - what better opportunity to finally give him some edge and scars?
Imho, Anduin isn’t ruined, he just was too righteous and innocent. There are still many things they could do with him.

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Oh, yeah. He definitely seems to be into that kind of thing. Even at the first rescue, he didn’t really want to leave his cage.

coud be but your forget somethin, what about those people who are loyal to the king, the common people, they stand behind anduin because he is popular too and did at least shrinken the influence of the nooble who give a sh*** on the people, and we know they put the whole onyxia incidence mostly public and the corruption of the nobble too.

Turylion migh be an hero but isnt the rightfull king, he wont be.
And i thing even turalyion is smart enoght to know what the noobles are trying to do and that a civil war woud be break out if he goes for the crown…and thaThats bad.

yea becuause WoW need an GoT ripoff so badly :unamused:

“The common people are waiting for him! They secretly drink to his health, are sewing lion banners and praying for his return. They will rise to push the Ursurpator from the throne!”


Nah, seriously. I don’t see a good reason to love Anduin other than hive mind control by Blizzard. Westfall, Redridge and Duskwood is still in a disastrous state. He burned almost all the soldiers for nothing in the last war. (won, but still gave the victory to the Horde)

But I guess he would have some loyalists, yeah.

Well, if he isn’t the same person, and his development happened offscreen, what would we gain from that? The Anduin we had would just be gone, to be replaced by a new character, we essentially don’t know. In order for us to emphasize with his development, we should actually see it.

And my biggest problem with Anduin wasn’t really his righteousness nor his innocence, though I did feel they were out of place in the violent world he came from. My biggest problem was that he didn’t face the meaningful opposition an unproven young idealist should have faced, and that he was used to teach all those grumpy old men about the world instead. The writers twisted the world around him, to make him, and his anachronistic morality, uncontested. It’s not Anduin’s lack of edge that was the problem, it was the world around him that changed to make it feasible.

If we want a scarred warrior with an edge on the throne, we have no need to supplant Turalyon. If we bring back Anduin, on the other hand, we should build on what Anduin always was. I just don’t think what Anduin was should be a king in the world of Warcraft. A fighter against immorality and injustice is much more interesting without all the institutional power of the Alliance behind him.