What's the longest time you've spent farming amount

For me, it’s the Deathcharger reins from Stratholme
i’ve been on this for 3 months, please Blizzard.

aww cute :slight_smile: me on the other hand Invincible been farming since WoD so 6 years with some time off in between legion and bfa .

so I think I’m around 300 runs :slight_smile:


ZG tiger every lockout for about 2 years. ZG reset every three days, unlike other raids too

Ashes of Al’ar. Framed it for 7 years with multiple characters and never got it. Friend of mine joined WoW and got it the 30th run ot so and that’s when i gave up farming all together.


I’ve lost count of the number of kills, still haven’t looted the Reins of the Raven Lord from Anzu.
One day I’ll get it, one day :smiley:


Back in wrath when DK’s came out I got it in my head that this would be my DK mount, because obviously, and because the DK mount given by default is simply awful to look at.
Got it after 60 odd runs, people told me “you had it easy”, and I believe them.

I tried the Zulian tiger, but not too much, maybe 10 or 20 runs, gave up because I think the graphics on that mount did not age well at all.

Biggest farm was probably the Nether drakes back in TBC, that rep was a pain to grind, but at least it was a guaranteed mount after the fact.

Timelost Proto-drake found me instead of me finding it, I was in Storm Peaks for not more than 5 minutes and he showed up literally in front me, tagged him, got him.

Even in BfA I’ve had every dungeon mount drop for me when I wasn’t even looking, so over time I just gave up farming and decided to let the mounts come to me.

From end of TBC with me and my druid friend stealthing into Sethekk Halls to farm that stupid bird and until now it has still not dropped.
I have hundreds of kills spread across several characters. I feel cursed…

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2 months farming mote of mana to get money for the mount in TBC. That’s my longest one and I still remember it today. It was bad :joy::rofl::joy: really really bad. Lol.

Few years and still counting. I have been farming Sha mount since the start of MoP. Started with 15 now over time with 27 characters every single week. Over 4000 kills and 4000 coins and still nothing.


oh man I feel bad even saying this to you. I got it after 3 kills…

I’ve generally been pretty lucky with my mount drops, probably because I throw an army of alts at the bosses. Luckiest break was the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.

Longest camping I did was for the TLPD. I spent 3 weeks camping 16 hours/day across 4 different accounts. This was prior to CRZ. I was prepping to repeat the adventure with Aeonaxx, but then I just came across him on chance when farming Heartblossom for the potion of deepholm.

The longest grind I ever did for a mount was probably my 20-day 8-hour/day farm of herbs during WOTLK, I was making 5k /day and was saving up for the Crimson Deathcharger. I also did Shaohao, Halaa (both mounts), Talbuks, Netherwing etc but those didn’t take nearly 20 days to complete.

And i bought sha on black market for 950k worth :slight_smile:

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900+ attempts on rivendares horse in TBC.

3 months? Try: almost 3 years and 1500+ kills for the Karazhan mount back during cata and moP for me. Or my 3 enternal enemies:

  • Stratholme, 1200+ solo kills
  • Ultraxxion, god I wanna punch Thrall and the DS RP speeches!
  • TW drake mount drop, I lost count after 10k+ boss kills. Never seeing it drop not even for a party member.

Btw Ji-kun and Horridon, stop dropping your damned mounts, seriously you guys have 25-50% droprate for my account!


The first time I got max lv in Cata and went back to Deepholm he spawned 2 minutes after I arrived, right under me. But then again I found plenty of recent corpses of TLPD before CRZ, I gave up on him when CRZ came in.

3 months :rofl::rofl: I haven’t even gotten Invincible yet

Like half a year (never missed a reset ) now on BRF (4 chars) mount and SoO dark shaman set (2 shamans) and still nothing…

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3 months pffff that’s nothing. I first saw Rivendare’s Reins during Vanilla, since then i wanted it. During tbc i had a few 3 man runs but since then i sort of farmed it, during LK i could solo it and since then i actually farmed it regularly, i finally got it on the 12th of june 2016.

A friend of mine has been farming it since he could i think also since LK, he still doesn’t have it.

In contrast with the above, my fastest farm was Reins of the Raven Lord, it all of a sudden was in my bags when i didn’t even expect it, maybe 3 or 4 tries. So yeah, farm times are peaking all over the place in wow.

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Four years on Baron Rivendere’s mount, every login I did at least one run in Strath.

I’d like to say I got it, but finally gave up when I dropped the headless horseman mount.

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Wow, you got lucky with that one! Seen it go for the cap more than once. :smiley: