Where is all the Horde RP at?

Well, title pretty much says it all. :x

In guilds.


Much of Horde roleplay is in guilds. Otherwise try Silvermoon, since you’re a blood elf.

Some Alliance places like Duskwood are possible too because of the cross-faction potion. Booty Bay if your character doesn’t mind neutral stuff.

Though you might have to wait a bit to find roleplay again in the next days since a major content patch just dropped.

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Well, I am probably gonna roll a Vulpera, so that is why I am asking.

Otherwise yea, Silvermoon seems obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably trying to escape Orgrimmar while the allied race influx takes over for a few days.

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Makes sense, but still, I wish I could find it, I am oh so terribly bored, already rushed through all the content I could do today, including upgrading my cloak like 3 times… or was it 4 times.

Maybe wasn’t the smartest idea.

See what the pvp island brawl is like for me.

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Hey there poster!

We’re a Nightborne/Blood Elf guild that are currently recruiting. We’re part of a larger community that likes to interact with each other too, which you might wanna join soon to get in on (hint hint :wink: )

We’re currently stationed in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar awaiting deployment, we’re around most evenings. Come say hi!


I think you missed that I was planning to Roleplaying a Vulpera. :x

But thanks for the offer. :slight_smile:

Silvermoon is also free to roleplay in for any other races. Though maybe don’t go there as an orc and go like “PUNY ELVES”.

Otherwise vulpera, depending on the individual, can be in neutral areas like booty bay. There’s even a neutral vulpera NPC there.

They have a pirate group, no? Bilgerats?

You know… that does sound like a lot of fun though… Might wanna try that…

Yea, she would be rather neutral, considering the war and all.

That I did not know of. :thinking:


There is this NPC. Who seems to be independent.

And then there’s the Bilgerats who are prominent in Kul’Tiras. So yes. You can be both in a neutral group or just neutral by yourself.

These are very cool peeps and they accept vulpera


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