Why change the Zaralek Cavern Rare Lockouts?

Zaralek cavern rares now appear to have a several day lockout, making it near impossible to farm the green transmog items that drop. I just did a full clear of the map in a 10 man raid and neither I nor anyone else in my raid received a piece of green loot; we only received crappy rare items that aren’t even the correct armor type for our class.

What was the need to change how the rares work? Is it just so we have to spend 6 months to a year farming this transmog set?

Not to mention there’s currently 7 groups in the group finder for farming Forbidden Reach Rares, and 0 for Zaralek Caverns. They’ve succeeded in killing the new zone!


All this does is make it a lot harder to kill rares because people get locked out for days at a time. Zaralek Caverns was already incredibly empty and hard to get groups for the open world content there that required it before this change. Right now the zone is pretty much dead.

Personally, I would love it if everything there was a lot more solo-able since groups are so impossible, and it is open world content --something that is traditionally very solo friendly.


This is all we know. I have no idea what prompted the change.

So that why I waited more than 20 minutes waiting for ANYONE who wanted to kill one of the rares! That’s not a good change at all.


Agreed, rares are just abandoned now. Great way to kill interest.


It would be fine if we could solo them but there’s no way I’ll solo the 15000K(?) rare! Really annoying!


you waited 20 minutes because rares are not worth being hunter down anymore unless on very fresh alts.

they would have to change droprates to 1 full drake crest per rare kill for it to be worth it. and this will never happen .

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well see op you was having fun and blizzard has a long standing policy of shooting them self in the foot every time they do anything postive for the community their moto is 1 step forward and 3 steps back

Whining players. Probably the same players who whined when the devs wanted to change the WQs to daily. Because these players feel that BEING ABLE TO play an mmorpg on a daily basis, means they HAVE TO. Which of course is nonsense.
These players keep causing the devs to make knee-jerk reactions and ruining the game more and more for other, less obsessed and more normal minded players.

It’s a sad affair.


Well that just killed alt-friendliness. Guess we’ll have to wait until the end of 10.1.5 to see if we get an equivalent of the Forbidden Reach’s gearing system to get gear for alts.

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they probably saw comments about 10.1 being a copy of 10.0.7 and did this change, another wrong decision. instead, they should’ve admitted the issue with content design and say they won’t do it gain. there already aren’t much to do outside of valdrakken and now they’re eliminating another activity. can’t believe this .

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People getting what they want and then quiting. Gotta drag this boring crap out as long as possible. Need a longer stick for that rotten carrot.

Would be enough if they reduced the hp 10x
Killing rares in this dead zone is like watching paint dry. 15M before scaling is too much.


It really causes problems on small realm groups for almost everything. I was trying to do the Researchers earlier and there was no-one else doing it nor were there any groups in the group finder. Maybe it’s because it’s Monday … but the same thing was happening last Wednesday when it was required for the weekly quest.

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Not been able to do the researchers this week and have been online a few times this week - not bothering with Forbidden Reach and already sadly it’s looking like ZC is redundant - I will keep popping back each week till I finish the Loamm reknown then won’t bother there - shame really as I quite like zipping around the place :disappointed:

I have actually lost the drive to farm for collectibles.
The overload of RNG + grind required in SL was what killed it.

Its quite impressive (for anyone who knows me) how they managed to absolutely kill my drive for it…
… so now I just… farm gold or level cause I enjoy leveling. <.<

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Blizzard thinks it’s fun. I gave up on the first rare I saw, these hp are just ridiculous.

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