Why HC Classic might be much more casual friendly than retail

Did I say that? Can’t find it, sorry.

The moment u go beyond ur argument falls apart.

If ur looking to group in HC u csnt just log off 2 weeks no harm done. The more who finish the process / give uo on the process. The less and less people are about grouping at levels uve logged off on.

So no. Just like retail. If u fall behind too far u will by default suffer a worse experience if ur looking at group based content.

No, you are wrong. And I’m right.

Im no expert, but I believe Puck is right.

No. Im afraid u have a weird concept of what a casual player is

. And the concept youd recommend classic HC as the casual game. While Classic era servers offer the identical challange without the severe punishments HC delievers.

Youve made a post trying to say HC is better for the casual player then retail, then say u have no idea how casual retail is.

Retail, vanilla, HC and wotlk all offer a levelling experience u can log on and off as u please as little or as much as u want to log on and progress. This is identical.

The difference is.

Wotlk and Retail go beyond just a solo experience and offer end game contents designed for casual players. Id argue wotlk had a edge in this regard.

However once ur 60 casual content completely dissapears, and ur only choice there is to eventually die and move to a classic era character in a raid or die enviroment.

HC is serverely punishing and demands a mentality that will repeat a identical loop in order to improve to lead to progression, the reason i brought up retail is because

The mindset required to actually manage HC, is the same as that required to progress a mythic raid. It requires pretty high patience and determination.

This is a level of effort, a casual player simply wouldnt partske in.

Litterally my mum who plays entirely causally has done a entire backflip in terms of approach coming into HC and has now hit a mental wall at 30, where she simply cant bring herself to the demand to keep going extensively.

The investment demanded is simply beyond that of a casual player hence why swarms of players flop pre level 20 continously. Because a casual player will slap a wall.

I question how far into HC uve really made it. Considering for many, WoW classic becomes incredibly frustrating the further you go.

In classic wotlk era and tbc servers one of the largest critisms was beyond their main chars, they lacked patience to level alts lol.

That same playerbase ur curiois if will level 10-20 chars through perma deaths and restsrting to attempt to max level. The burn out for the average player will be unreal.

For me, a lot shorter on time than back then, classic and even hardcore, is way more casual friendly than retail. You actually progress your character when leveling your char on classic, so you get rewarding gameplay from day 1. Retail however, is very unrewarding when you can’t do raids and mythic+. There is a few things to do, but in my case, classic is a lot more rewarding to play as a casual.

I think it mostly comes down to what you seek in a game as an individual, but I don’t think it’s less casual friendly than it was.

Fully agree

Taking my time with HC. Have a toon I play with my brother and one solo. But I‘m not far just around 30 with both chars.
Really enjoying it since now for me levelling is the game. The endgame with raiding isn’t appealing to me.

Still hoping for Classic+

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HC is only casual firendly if the following points are met.
ur not a noob mechanically.
u know whats up in the game.

if u cant control ur character and get dazed 24/7, u will most likely struggle at some point.
and if u dont know whats going on in the ingame world u gonna struggle for sure. knowledge plays a huge role in surviving in HC. if u dont have any u will get surprised sooner or later. e.g. UC elevator, Z-axis (gettin hit from above/below), dangerous mobs (stitches, barrens patrol), extending leash forever by aa/using spells, and much much more.

if one happens to die constantly, HC aint casual friendly for that person. in that case era is the right place to experience and learn the game.

Casual friendly might not be the right word. I would say hc wow is a great way to learn of the dangers of wow and overall people will become better players because of it.
I see people who die from durotar tigers and i see people die from clicking bloods in wpl and epl.
Either party learnt a valuable lesson which they will most like avoid next time.

Of course it’s casual… it’s not exactly CE raiding is it

Yes and no. You have good points on the great early game experience that comes with fresh - and HC in particular

But i find myself completely paranoid at lvl39. I would rather grind than join a group that does reckless stuff

Also, the lack of faction pvp is a big minus in my book. I find that i like the thrill of having to deal with pvp out in the open a lot more than the thrill of dying permanently to mobs. In a way HC is just PvE in slow motion

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I think this is where HC may break down. Let’s say i discovered the blood of heroes at lvl 51 (for some reason). I click it and death is assured.

Now, technically i have learnt to avoid one of very few certain death mechanics, which is valuable. But still I would stop playing at this point, the lvl up is just too long and painful

That’s the thing, the leveling up is not tedious for me, or many others. I genuinely enjoy it. And many others do too. But I get that it isn’t for everyone.


I hear you - but i don’t feel it myself. Still happy for you that this mode now exists - you guys fought long and hard for it. Safe travels

Era is for casuals. HC really is not. Casuals - especially those who lack previous WoW experience in Classic - will just die a few times and then quit

Or they will get better in game and reach higher and higher levels


And yet they just start again. I’ve died numerous times in my 20s. Highest character I’ve had is 27. I’ve died in a dungeon due to someone else’s mistake. I just start a new character and go again. I try different classes, I quest in different starting zones.

I have been playing WoW since 2006, with a long break from WoD until Classic came out. For me, levelling has always been my favourite part of the game. I’ve never cared about end game. Just because people die below 20 does not mean they are not having fun. People are helpful, low level areas are populated meaning there are always people around. Everyone is getting along and having a laugh without the pressure of it “being a job”. Sounds pretty casual friendly to me.

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That’s part of the fun, but usually “reckless” groups wont get to higher levels. There is strong natural selection if people are doing each dungeon.

I would just avoid taking hunters with me in Gnomer, its the most common recipe for disaster.

Not treatin the game like a job doesnt make a player a casual. Lol. Most players do not treat the game like a job.

However the vast majority of those ive met, use addons and more throughout gameplay. Whichnis largely considered to be above a casual player. Lol.

The statement isnt “0 players in HC are casual” the statement is. HC is not more casual friendly then classic era / wotlk / retail.

Content that has proven successful among actual casual players have instant gratification and are quickly finished.

Just because u dont raid or spam m+ doesnt mean ur a casual lol, someone who spends their days chasing mounts consistently every week isnt a casual player. Casual is a type of player. Not a type of content.

HC is too punishing to be considered the casual version of WoW, the concept 1 mess up results in char loss.

If someones going at HC, playing by the rules for progression and making new chars repeatively. They arent a casual player. U may not raid, u may not m+ u may love levelling. But that doesnt make u a casual lol

A casual player is someone who enjoys playing games or participating in activities for fun and relaxation, rather than being highly competitive or dedicated to becoming the best. They typically play or engage in activities at their own pace and don’t invest a lot of time or effort into mastering the game or activity. Casual players are in it for the enjoyment and entertainment, and they may not take things too seriously. It’s like playing a sport just for fun with friends in the backyard, rather than aiming to be a professional athlete.

So I would say HC Classic is 100% for Casual players. While Era and Retail endgame is not.

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