Why is the new up-gear system better than valor?

Can someone explain me why this new system with multiple currencies which you only get by doing diffrent type of difficulty is better than 1 single pve currency like valor?

They could have expanded valor to raid items too so get valor upgrade items nothing more nothing special.

But why is the new one better? Its soooooo confusing and unnecessary


I now have 30 whelpling crests and nothing to spend them on. And I keep needing flightstones.

It’s a universal system for all upgrading.

You can upgrade gear from a multitude of sources and not have a separate upgrading system for each.


Why are these crests not account bound btw? Why is honour not account bound? If the gear for PVE and PVP is made separate in the game, why do they share the SPARK crafting mechanic and the Great Vault slot?

I believe they’re trying to make the upgrading process more universal. You can get the required currency from multiple sources so there’s less chance of burnout.

It’d be cool if the currency was account-wide as you’d then have even more fun grinding with the ability to swap.

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Is there not a vendor in Loamm (or the “Subterranean Ganking Grounds”) that converts different crests into greater ones?

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Only higher into lower.

How? Like how? Im basically done with all the upgrading and even if i keep the pieces in mind that are hard locked due to BiS or get replaced next week it doesnt deplete my flightstones.

Idk man, I’ve completed the raid and done a dozen M+, heroics, WQs, keep doing BGs, still need flightstones.

Really? Thought it was lower to higher. That’s a bit of a shame then.

Still, bad luck with the flightstones - I know how you feel but its honestly a case of farming. If we dont do much and just upgrade willy-nilly, then we’ll run out like you and I already have!

We wouldn’t want the unwashed masses having gear above their station, now would we?

(That was sarcasm, BTW)

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There was a bug

Dungeons and Raids

  • Fixed an issue that, in many cases, prevented Flightstones from dropping Normal and Heroic dungeons and bosses in Aberrus on all difficulties.

Well, that’s probably a genuine sentiment among some groups and a fear for the devs.

They don’t want people getting the best gear by just doing medium range activities for longer.

I wouldn’t mind that, but I believe Blizzard doesn’t A) a riot and B) to have people start reaching “the end” more easily as they just bumrush the easier content.

The gearing in this patch is ridiculously fast. Plus you can still get to full 441 without doing 20s. So nothing much changed in that regard.

Well, Blizzard are not the brightest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re worried about giving “too much” even though at this point it’d not really make much of a difference!

Unless they’re fine with how many are finishing WoW and swapping up at a crest vendor might make too many cross that line?

Of couse you will swim in these dragon treasures after you did 100 m+ dungeons. But why are fluxstones capped at 2k? So you have to spend them on whatever and do the farm process again? I dont know do we really need this new system ^^. For me this gives me shadowlands vibes

Im saying that in all fairness nothing changed. Before you needed to get the rating to upgrade to max ilvl. Now you need to 17s. Boils down to the same approximately. They just killed +2 valor spam (also makes it easier for newer players since good luck getting into such a group when you had to compete with high geared players for a spot).

And that gearing in general is giga fast. Like i can already raid log if i wanted to aside from 2 items ilvl wise who could get a 4ilvl increase or just do my weekly vault and call it a week.

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I have always hated upgrade systems personally. I find them messy and grindy.

I know a lot of people love them, but I’d rather just do the content I enjoy, and hope I get lucky.

Right now I have bags full of items I can upgrade, because at base they are mostly worse than what I already got. At the same time I hate repeating content for currencies(while I also do not have time to repeat much at all), so this gear will just just end up laying in my bags with these random currencies I have no idea how to get or use(besides flightstones) until the next patch where we start over again.

I appreciate all of you who always requested this stuff, and finally got it… but I really wish it wasn’t so extremely bagspace hogging for those of us who can’t keep up with the pace it takes to upgrade.

I don’t care if it’s valor or whatever we have now, but can I please not end up with 30 upgradeable items and it’s currencies IN MY BAGS when I don’t play often enough to upgrade fast enough to free up my bagspace for weeks and months?

Please get the currencies into the currency tab, and perhaps put those items people unlock on a vendor as they are earned(like with rep items), so we can buy the item WHEN we are ready to upgrade it/use it? (instead of it hogging bagspace when you still can’t afford upgrading it).

Just my rant. I already hate upgrade systems, and this bagspace mess isn’t making me like it any more.

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Try to play less. Then you’ll get how.

My comment sounds a bit rude, but not intended that way. I am just pointing out I also lack flightstones, because I don’t play enough.

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