With the delayment of shadowlands

Does that mean the prepatch also is delayed? or will the prepatch still hit this month? Just asking because the prepatch is the reason i bought gametime and since im not sober enough to google it

Pre-patch comes next Tuesday, 13th October

ah right thanks, so i atleast can experience that and resub when shadowlands hits. if it looks good enough atleast

I just hope they use the extra time “right” while they have it.
If it drops, a hot mess, after being delayed then they’re in big trouble imo.

Can’t wait to try the pre-patch changes though, fingers crossed they do it justice!

Wednesday for EU :wink:

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Ah, thanks for the heads up.

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Worth mentioning that prepatch comes in 2 parts

Next week doesn’t bring the zombie event and the related quests. Only the levelling and class changes etc

is it known when the zombie event will be out?

No word yet
I assume its dependent on shadowlands release date

Here is the official post from Blizzard themselves. :purple_heart:
Just to make sure!

thanks again for the people rteplying

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