Work orders between 2 accounts are broken


I’ve been using the new profession system a lot and i enjoy it, but I have an issue with a specific friend and guildie of mine where when he sends personal orders to me or put guild orders, i get the notification but then they don’t show on my UI, i dont see his orders, and when i send orders to him, he sees them but when he tries to accept he gets the error “This order is not available anymore”.

We both use the crafting system a lot and we have no issue posting orders to others and filling orders from other people.

This is really troublesome since i need a mace craft from him right now.

We currently are keeping orders to eachother so that you can troubleshoot whatever you want.

his name is Crespu-GrimBatol.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,


Forum staff are not GM’s. They are community managers, and they aren’t allowed to forward help requests on to the actual GM’s, because Blizzard does not permit the forums to be used as an alternative ticket queue.

In order to talk to a GM, you will need to make out an in-game ticket.

I did,

It was automatically closed.

" Hello Adventurer! With our ticket queues being extremely busy, and in the interest of saving you some time, we are sending you this automated reply with some resources that should help resolve the issue. If the issue persists, please get back to us. Dragonflight Common Issues: Support Articles: Game Info and Guides: Forums:

If you continue to experience issues, you can reopen this ticket. If you have a new or separate issue, please submit a new ticket."

PS: there is no option to reopen the ticket.

Also what’s the point of having a forum board for costumer support then?

Customer Service* where players assist each other with guidance.

That said I don’t think this is an issue that GM’s can help with, but it sounds more like a bug report. You can file one through the ingame button.

Edit: The culprit was ignoring the other player lol xd

Turns out it was becuase i had some other char in his account in my ignore list.

I think I’ll keep the post up since i searched for stuff like this and couldn’t find it anywhere and it can be useful for other people, i still should bug report because error message is terrible in this case, we figured it out because he couldn’t open trades to me because “i was ignoring him” but we could talk with eachother and i could open trades with him lol