World of Warcraft Classic: What's Next Panel Recap

World of Warcraft Classic: What's Next Panel Recap

What's coming for WoW Classic after you have faced off against the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel? WoW Classic developers take us on a journey to see what's coming next to Classic Azeroth.

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So every class gets to do new stuff. And of course as usual Priest holy dps spec is nowhere to be seen…

Stop thinking about holy as pure healer and make a viable DPS spec for Season of discovery.

This season has nothing to do with classic wow. Everything you’ve added or changed has no place in classic. No one has asked for healing mages, tanking warlocks, etc.

Scratch all this junk. Make all specs somewhat viable instead without changing them too much, don’t add spells and abilities that doesn’t fit in classic gameplay, make tier sets for all specs and make more level 60 content that fits with the amazing content that already exists. Remove buff- and debuffslots and increase boss and mob health.


Lol? No one? Do you think they pulled these ideas out of their backdoor?

I see nothing her which has anything to do with Classic…

We want them to finish Classic… Finish the map… As it was never finished… It was obvious in the early 00… But they are total incompetent… It was as if a blind chicken finding a corn… Wrath and even burning legion was things turn to shiit…(WTF I cant even use normal words her… What is this kindergarden) Yeah alot of people played it… Because of this corn this blind chicken found… I really hate what everything humans touch become punk… Why did God not bath the whole earth in Hellfire… Why did he wash it… Because he is the Primordial evil… He is jailer…


I’ve never seen anyone ever mentioning that they wanted healing mages in classic.


Even though I have no interest in Classic, I liked the sound of Season of Discovery in the opening ceremony, so much so, that I watched the “what’s next” panel for classic. I love the idea, I love the thought of a sandbox type version of wow, puzzles, rewards, mixed up dungeon to raid conversions, the whole concept is great, a version of wow, that sits outside the mainstream classic and retail, that can be a playground for the devs, and a literal landscape of discovery for us, the players. As I watched, I was like “yes, this sounds awesome”, but then they showed the raid, and I have to ask, “Why? Why classic?”. seeing the blocky characters, it put me off. what is the reason that this can’t be done with the graphics of retail wow? in my opinion, that’s all that’s needed, I’m not asking for the world that we’ve unlocked in retail, start small, that’s the best idea, a game world that can expand over time, allowing us to ease into the discoveries at a small scale first, with bigger things in the future. but we need modern graphics for something like this. This is just my opinion, and I hope that season of discovery is successful enough to birth something within or alongside retail, but unfortunately, this iteration just isn’t for me. bump up the poly count and maybe we can talk.

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