World of Warcraft Pays Homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

I love the rewards. Got Baa’lial, the cloak, the hood, the polearm and the banner so far, and some charms. I’d still like to get the charger, the bag transmog and the 36 slot bag.

How many pets can we add to our collections - 1 or 3?

Umm only some gold for me from 3 :thinking:

Update - just got the 36 slot bag :+1:

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The XP buff comes once this current event is over.

ah just saw it on calendar, thanks :confused:

Just a quick callout on two of the items available during this event. The Tyrael’s Charger mount and the Horadric Haversack 36-slot bag each have a significantly higher chance of dropping on the first Treasure Goblin kill of the day on any character on an account. Subsequent kills or kills on alts have reduced chances for these items. All other items have the same drop rate for each kill.


Thanks for the heads up ! please consider changing the locations , it’s lagging so much when it’s outside

Why are the goblins not spawning? It was fine in Valdrakken, but any other zone I’ve only seen 1 spawn, and in SW just now still nothing.

There is also a Weak Aura now

I’ve done it Three times on this guy, Valdrakken, Thaldraszus & Stormwind.
Once on my Horde DK in Orgrimmar & once on my Druid in Valdrakken.
Every single one spawned exactly when it was supposed to.
When the portal appears, there is a 5 minute countdown until the Goblin spawns.

Just out of curiosity, what is the exact drop chance on the mount, both before and after the daily increased chance is in effect? 1/100? 1/2000?

Couldn’t loot my 1st goblin of the day. On 2nd kill I got gold xd

I doubt it’s that low. I got all the drops on my first day of trying.
Only thing that didn’t drop for me was Wirt’s Leg, but maybe that’s because I’m a hunter and it only drops for classes that can use it?

Well aint YOU special!

I don’t think I am; hence why I said that the droprate probably isn’t very low.

Just got one appearance left to get and I’m done.

I got the 2h Wirt, now I need the mount.

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I only need the bag anymore.

2 maces left to get and the guitar toy…
oh, and I really want the big bag for my main but she keeps getting nothing but gold (boo!).

I need mount - I’ve gotten two 2h maces, sold one of 'em, I got the bag/toys/pet/mog.