Wotlk death knight announcement

a blue post was created yesterday concerning death knights. the following was said:

Once the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-expansion update arrives, you’ll be able to create and level Death Knight characters. Here’s how it works:

  • Your first Death Knight created in any realm is free of restrictions.

we already knew that was going to happen for the old realms, but what about fresh?

we were promised that lvl 55 restrictions were going to remain.

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Well this is weird to speed run lvl 55 on any new character in fresh realm I’m order to get death knight. Esp with boosting nerf.

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Why is it weird? The weird part would be letting everybody level from 1 apart from one class that gets bags, mounts, 55 levels and first aid by the click of a button.

Leveling anything to 55, then creating a DK, puts you on about the same premiss as everybody else.

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I think - mind you think - that the level 55 restriction is staying for the fresh servers.

I seem to remember in the Fresh blurb it said you needed a level 55 to make a DK.

yeah i think blizzard tough this one though, being able to start a dk without the lvl 55 char requirement on a fresh realm would affect a “fresh start” and “balance” the character creations allot(so they are not that stupid). on “non” fresh realms it has less of an impact not to mention that most people will buy the expansion with boost so this is good for the goldfarmers and that will benefit blizzard it seems so all good.

I think it was explained very well, you need to make a level 1 char on the fresh realm. Once you level that char to 55, you can then make your death knight, which will also be level 55.

A smooth transition thus.

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