WoW Survey

You should just reply on your original topic, not keep restarting it.


its on google forms and its a safe site like any other google site.

The link really redirects to docsDOTgoogleDOTcom, so it should be relatively safe.

Edit: I can’t post links yet -.-

Yes, it seems to be a safe site - I completed the questionnaire the second time it was posted (with difficulty because many questions didn’t apply to me & there wasn’t a n/a option). However, please don’t keep starting new threads, just post in your original one to move it back up if you don’t have enough responses yet.


Not sure about current forum rules, but in the past thread bumping was considered CoC violation too…

Equally it’s frowned upon to restart the same topic over and over.

Replying to a thread that is less than a week old is preferable.

Yeah, just checked it, and it’s no longer listed in CoC, so bumping should be absolutely legal.


Do not bump posts

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called ‘necro bumping’ or ‘necroing’).

Well, in that case you advised the OP to break the forums rules. Not very MVP thing to do…

They close automatically if there hasn’t been a reply for a certain amount of time. So no 5 month old Necro’s.

Because starting topics over and over is also frowned upon. So it’s the lesser of two evils. I also figured they would write more than just ‘bump’ on the existing topic :wink:

Well you take the risk chu .your toon face looks like the one who takes risk for others and ends up getting killed all the time :blush:

Stop complaining allready. It’s a gaming forum, not military school.

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It’s a forum, they have rules. We kindly asked them to stop restarting the same topic. That’s all. Nothing to get worked up about.

Don’t be so childish and accept criticism like an adult (or at least pretend lol). Bc it’s actually you who spended 4 posts in this thread about it…


I think we can plainly see who is behaving childishly :wink:

All I’ve done is replied to the comments and when replies are directed at me.

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If you are not interested to take survey no idea why someone like that is here -_-.


Well if there is anything wrong with the post or thread then mods will take action on it .if not then there is no problem .so have a coke. With me and chill :blush:

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