WOW token is getting nerfed

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For the vast majority of players who have bought gametime* with real money this will not affect them and is meant to combat new account botters.

Edit: Corrected post that it only applies to having bought atleast 30 days gametime with real money instead of other services, sorry, I was looking at another blog.


Very minor to nonexistent issue for players, but it’s to combat throw away accounts using easily farmed gold by gold sellers.

i.e. Gold Sellers will have to use real money for new accounts.

Win-win for Blizz

I used to pay all my game time with Tokens since its introduction till before my hiatus in the middle of Shadowlands. Would’ve probably impacted me… :stuck_out_tongue:


then why do they tell us this if it´s a minor thing?

In the US forum they are saying it’s a legal requirement.

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The bluepost is also on the forums:-

Continuing the discussion from Restriction on Purchase of WoW Token – November 2023:


I am hybrid customer, sometimes i pay with money sometimes with gold. Presumably gold value of the token will go down after nov21 which will positively affect us occasional token buyers.


Blizzard did that cause nobody was paying real money to get new expansion or new games ,bots was buying the gold from boosters then convert it to battle net balance and sell the games to their client.
After they get banned they would make a new account and keep doing it .
Atm after this update if a botter credit card and account gets banned , no more they can create a bot to sell the games and stuff.


I can’t explain how I’m happy about this change. Well in other words , bots will pay, they will actually pay ! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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I wonder if i bought a “180 days Game Time and Dreadwake Mount” with a BN balance back in September 2018…will I qualify for this “restriction”?

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No you will not, because you have spent some amount of real money since 2017.

How it can help combat botters? Botters always buying sub with real money with Turkish or Ukraine price (about 7-8 euro), and it is cheaper for them then buying it with wow token because they can make about 13-14 euros selling this gold on third-party websites instead of spending for token. And also anyway botters always use new accounts, not old accounts registered before 2017, so they can’t buy sub first time with token anyway even without this change.


Where does this say Mounts/Pets/Services? I only see 30 Days of Gametime

I am confused if i am affected by this or not.
Since the Token came out i did not pay for Gametime. And when they started to allow to convert this into Money i used this as well to get even cheaper Gametime since i bought 6 Months at once as well as other things like the new Expansions or some Faction Changes and what not. Does this count as spending “Money”?
Then i started playing Classic and only logged into Retail for some fast Gold for Gametime. But since i did not buy Dragonflight i stopped around the Time the PrePatch came out.
And then i bought a 50€ Giftcard at a Store here to buy Gametime later since my Time and Balance got low. But then they announced Classic Token and i started buying those.
Now i had ~50,xx€ on my Account and bought a 30€ Faction Change. Does this now really count towards me spending real Money to i am not affected by this?
And what if i now take my 20,xx€ to buy 2 Months of Gametime for 25,98€. Since at least 0,xx€ are from buying Token in Retail. Does this affect this as well? Since not the whole Amount would have been payed with “real” Money.

It is all so confusing.

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so leta say one guy only buys game time with gold through tokens cant do this anymore? he needs to boy at least 1 month with some euros? is that correct? rip to all gold goblins

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Gift card should to count as real money since you pay for it with real money.

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What if someone who always buys game tokens to pay for game time and adding to bnet balance for future expansions has used said bnet balance to buy for example a 6 month sub? the bnet balance was accrued with tokens but then used to buy game time. Does that count as exemption to the “can not buy game tokens after 21st ruling” ?

As someone who has a silly amount of gold. This is a good change. Anything that reduces the gap between the upper rich and a Kay player is good in my books

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It really isn’t.

They quite clearly state spend real money on game time.

That is about as clear as it can be. Nothing else counts

And tbh if you have sunk as may hours into wow as you say. Then ide say it’s earnt at least 15 bucks no?

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AH goblins sweating really hard right now.


No we are not it’s a one off 15 bucks. Not remortgage the house for it

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