WOW token is getting nerfed

I did not have the option to buy time with real money, only to add bnet balance with real money and then buy the game time (which now is 60 days) with bnet balance. So what about this! If you say bnet balance to buy game time does not count, where does that leave people like me (maybe due to where i live) who can only buy bnet balance and then game time bundle with that balance!

Token now 426k gold.

Good one blizz!

You made better market for TSM bots indeed!

Hmm. I can see a lot of people who pay purely with tokens due to irl money issues complaining about this.

Doesn’t affect me and I certainly would never be able to get that amount of gold per month to buy game time… sounds like a horrible way to play. But you know, inb4.

It’s a change in terms and conditions, so Blizz are required to properly announce it.

I haven’t paid IRL money for the game since early 2020.

This does not affect me.

I enjoy the game I play. If it did affect me, I would have no issue dropping a £10 to be able to buy WoWtokens again for the next few years. The game is worth missing a coffee and a sandwich at Costa.

This change has been made to target botters and exploiters. If an account it banned due to an exploit or botting, a new account won’t immediately be able to be started up using Gold to buy Time and the most recent expansion. They will need to use IRL money to do so.

The negative is that you can’t gift your friend a months game time with your gold stash to try out the game. But then again, is it better for the game integrity if we don’t give new players the impression that it’s a free game.

Ultimately the Pros of this change far outweigh the negative affect.

This was my favorite part of the blue post xd The what of the game? I had to check the calendar if it’s april 1st yet.

There’s nothing to preserve about it, the best they could do is removing the token completely. Then they should have the right to say: we restored some of the integrity this game once had.


This is not going to stop bots at all. Do they realise that people that operate botting they do it to sell the gold for real money so they can as well just buy a sub with that money.

If they wanted to combat bots they should have made phone number verification mandatory and 1 per game account so if they run 10 bots they would need 10 numbers which would slow them down.

Spike is expected as bots are dumping gold to get tokens before nov21. After that price will drop as they wont be able to buy more.

They will benefit the most.

Less bots = cheaper token in gold value.
Less bots = lower supply of materials = higher price of materials = less time needed to farm gold for cheaper token.

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Why it doesn’t count if Bner balance was made with real money?

because you can’t select balance as an option to pay for sub only credit card or paypal I believe.

Nah, you can buy 60 days with bner balance.

You can to buy game time, and words “game time” are used in article.

Will see if this will be the case, but market already flooded with millions of the most common mats.

Maybe it will take effect on next xpac.

O yeah, it will take some time for new equilibrium to occur. No doubt about that.

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But the botters/exploiters now need to attach a payment method to their account. So when 100 accounts get made with the same Credit card, it’s easy to spot where the problem is.

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Why shouldn’t they tell us about minor changes in their conditions?

-white noise-

Gift 60 days game time to someone do work? He can buy token after or no?

No there are a lot of open Questions. Because it is just not clear what counts as " Real Money" and if you can mix “Real” with “Fake” or not.
And it is not about me spending 13€ it is if i have to.

Given that they specify a date and not a minimum time (2017 instead of 5 years) maybe they need to have one payment per every client as a way to identify them and maybe 2017 is the oldest date they have right now.

Because Blizzard hasn’t given their reason for this change. The bots thing is pure speculation.