Wrath of the Lich King Classic Patch Notes - Version 3.4.3

Where is the RDF??

It’s in the game, what do you mean?

wow thats so epic omg!!!

for sure… dfkgdfg

When will you be fixing the level ranges for RDF dungeons? Can’t post links but this shows all the original WOTLK levels from 13 years ago.
warcraft dot wiki dot gg/index dot php?title=Dungeon_Finder&oldid=3963187
So there you go blizzard I did your jobs for you and you didn’t need to pay me. Now you just need to update the parameters thanks.

You can just use /1 or /2 or join a guild if you don’t like the level ranges.

Or they could fix them to be as they were originally released… Or don’t you like bug fixes? But yes you’re right I could. Sadly though not a single person in 2 hours wanted to do the dungeon that way. A properly working RDF would have sorted that. It’s very simple. The level ranges are WRONG whether you like RDF or not. A dungeon listed IN RDF as level 41 to 51 should not suddenly ‘vanish’ from the SAME RDF at level 47. This applies to every other dungeon as well. Sorry if this post was too long or complicated for you…

RDF is fine, stop complaining all the time.

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i like thank u very much

very nice!

Good changes, but they could maybe buff the rogues a bit♥

hope they buff rogues a bit

Buff hunters kekw

Loads of copium

cool love wotlk)

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helpfull article thanks alot have a nice day

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