Wtf just happened?

Both me and my brothers wow clients just closed down randomly and now we’re stuck on logging into game server.

edit: Now I got in and my char list is gone.
edit2: Now I’m stuck on loading screen at 70%.

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ye was in the middle of a raid and all of us got kicked out of wow

Now I’m getting character not found error messages.

Same happened to me. Was doing a bg and got kicked out of wow as well. At the moment it says: “character not found”.

Edit: now i can log in without problems

Silvermoon realm here!

Happened me the same…

Still get stuck at 70% for me.

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Same, hard crash out of nowhere. Launcher started a download, so I didn’t even try to restart the game. My vision run and key were lost. Great planning.

It seems all fixed by now :wink:

Destroyed the m+ key I was in :))

last boss in a 5 mask solo vision run and game shuts down, GG Blizz lost my Vessel too.
Its about time they spent some of there “record profits” on upgrading some of their hardware and hire some ppl who actually know how to fix stuff and not just band aid it.