X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

15 years later and I still do not have it - at some point you just don’t care. I even gave up on “what a strange long trip” since every expansion the goal posts got changed. Felt like I was chasing a virtual carrot on a stick. :rofl:


Since they’ve changed the drop rates in MoP, I’ve gotten the Huolon and Nalak mounts on the same day after couple of days of farming. Let’s hope they’ve done something similar to the rocket. I haven’t been farming it since Legion out of frustration.

This holiday is once a year. Give the rocket to all and make new love themed items each year like FF14 do.

It’s about some fun and cute mount to ride that’s been out for years!

Don’t make it about false hope and disappointment- spread the love!


If you ask me, they made it 0.5%, which is the same as HH mount. Why do I think that? Because they didn’t buff the HH droprate. We’ll see though :slight_smile:

This doesn’t really fix much. You claim you acknowledge farming this mount on a lot of characters daily sucks, so you buff 1 character per account per day…

The people who want this mount are still going to farm it on all of their characters daily, so we’re still pretty much at square one in regards to this mount farm sucking…


It was 0.3% chance originally, so yeah, it’ll still be a very low chance even with a “significant increase”.

Just increase the drop rate from all boxes, first box each day makes no sense to me.

Nobody in my guild got it means drop rate is still low and everyone will be doing it on 50 chars still.

This whole “first time increased chance on the account” is just so dumb. People have been farming this for DECADES on dozens of characters for a chance at a drop that’s barely above the absolute zero, and all of a sudden they come up with this nonsense because they think having to log onto multiple characters is too much work and stress for players? Why not just normalize the drop chance, make it 1% or even 0.5%, and those dedicated enough to have an army of alts can at least reasonably work towards it? I personally still don’t have this mount, and i have at least 30 to 40 characters eligible on my account which i painstakingly leveled just for this purpose. Why should i have basically the same chances as a random dude with 1 character to his name who opens his first box of the day? It’s ridiculous how they manage to mess up basic things like increasing drop rates of stuff. Also what does greatly increased even mean? From 0.03% to 0.04%? If you are so concerned about people putting time and effort into stuff (which literally should be your goal in the first place), at least be transparent with the changes you make.

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Completely agree, but remember the character limit was increased to 60 right before DF launched, so add an extra +10 chars to the daily agony of farming this crap.

All other event bosses got same drop every time, why is this event so special?

Only theory I have is because they didn’t want everyone to ride around on phallic mounts, but given that the name of the mount has been changed to be less sexually suggestive, just increase the drop rates already (on more than 1 char per day zzz)…

Where is the increased chance? Doesn’t feel like it


Well I guess I missed the memo too. Seems you only have an increased chance on 1 character per day. Makes absolutely no sense if you ask me and I cant find where they said this.

As I said before after 15 years of trying you get to a point where you dont care anymore and you stop wastign your time. It could be another 15 years before I see the mythical rocket.

Yep. Didn’t drop on my first attempt either.

Obviously lied about increasing the drop rate.

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Well, it’d be a neat idea, but there’d be a great deal of FOMO if you can’t get it again in any way.

Say, this is the current reward, and I’m told one can get it from the shop after the event. Nice glamour to be honest, for both genders body types.


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I cannot stress this enough:

Blizzard, has someone tested this change or are we just beta testing this year? :slight_smile:


I know the article that was posted earlier says the mount can drop for any characters that are level 50 and up. So is that level range correct or was the article not updated for DF?

  • X-45 Heartbreaker : The Heart-Shaped Box, a daily reward from the Dungeon Finder for defeating Apothecary Hummel, has a chance to drop a stylish flying mount for players level 50+: the X-45 Heartbreaker!

link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/news/22882886/a-many-splendored-thing-love-is-in-the-air-has-begun

UPDATE: Now that it is active in NA as well, I can see that ONLY level 60 and up characters have a chance for the Box that may contain the mount. So it seems the info on the news article is not updated.

I got that yesterday for my mini Y’shtola and Lyse!

The dungeon was also fun where you have to work together to earn the outfit.


In a way it doesn’t change much no. I don’t even have 15 characters to farm it with this year though. Just 2…

What level do the characters need to be to have a chance at obtaining the mount?

Many of my characters are still stuck at BFA level, but would like to know if I can still use them to grind this. Or if I have to settle with just the 2 level 70’s I have.