XP off queue times are longer than xp on

did we havea secret “change” of seperating queues of twinks and non twinks ? I can’t find any information regarding that. But my avg wait time on my 19 twink is 28 mins while my 15 priest is 17 minutes.
If they changed the brackets again it’s the last straw for me.


I wish, this would be wonderful news.


With the introduction of stat templates in Legion, players with XP-gains turned off couldn’t get a significant advantage over players with XP-gains enabled, so we combined the brackets for low level battlegrounds.

Now that we’ve removed stat templates, we’ve returned XP-Off players to their own bracket.


Yeah, wonderful news if you dont like to pvp outside of the first and last bracket of leveling.

The rest of the brackets will be stone dead or have massive queues.


This is great news :slight_smile:


GREAT CHANGE! You made 20 min queueso n 60s 70s 30s 40s 50s 80s 90s 100s and 10 min qs on 19s 20s 1 hour for levelers and more for us. Gratz.
that was the last straw for me. if it doesn’t change by next reset im Gone tbh.


Thanks for the upfront announcement of this. Absolutely outstanding way to treat a portion of your player base. As a paying customer on 2 accounts it would have been nice to have been told about this before making a decision to purchase 2 lots of game time.



Seems like some are angry for getting matched against other twinks now?

Apparently it was like this before templates (Legion) were introduced. Big deal to change it back?

Some queues will be longer, but at least the non-twinks (I guess the ones who turned off their XP all are…) have a chance to play normally without getting one-shotted the whole game?


Bumping this aswell.

yes big deal. it was normal before then changed then normal and now changed again


I’m angry because we weren’t told about a change to the way I choose to play the game before it was made, are they also stopping 110 Twinks queuing Freehold to boost non-twinks? Having boosted throughout Legion I can assure you it’s not always met positively in groups.

One shotting might have been a thing in Vanilla and BC but I don’t see it now.

Taking XP Off toons out of the queue will just mean you get a situation like WoD, where throw away Twinks will be a thing. It wont be gear that separates them it will be consumables - There are enough game breaking consumables, F.R.I.E.D bombs, Saltwater potions, Free action pots, Speed pots, Gliders, and toys.


The queues will be longer than ever now.
Low level battlegrounds with vintage (not “twinked”) characters were one of the few ways i could still enjoy the game. :frowning:
Thanks for the heads up as well.

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Unsubbed :slight_smile:


This is what went wrong here for me. They should have warned people this change was happening. Is too big a change to just let people haphazardly discover it once it goes live.


Twinking in high brackets was the only thing keeping me subbed on both my accounts. Shame on you for not mentioning it in the run-up to 8.1.5 release ANYWHERE.


Looks like someone had a bad time in bgs


hahaha best news this expansion.


what does that even mean?

he claims we won’t q with levelrs again AHAHHA ROFL. i already qd into lvler bg already :wink:

Nice 110 Twink you have there - will you feel the same when you can’t boost Freehold - Will you be missed ? Not by me.

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but Classic will have then merged, won’t it?