Yelling in game

I’ve seen many times that people yelling with game voices like I, Gamon, Will save us. I actually like about pretty trinkets a nd professor putricide good news Everyone. How can I get this toys(?) or I don’t know what it actually is.

While there are many toys in-game which can transform you into known NPCs, the Transmorpher Beacon is definitely one of the most notable.

As for becoming Gamon specifically, check out Gamon’s Braid.

And ofcourse Transmorpher is ingame shop item…

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He asked and he recieved the answer.

You can write /run PlaySound(17114) ingame for the “Good news everyone, I think I perfected a plague that will destroy all life on Azeroth”. Same /run Playsound() could be used for prettu much any sound ingame. You can browse them on Wowhead for example.

That’s pretty cool, actually. I’m imagining it’s only client side though so your party can’t hear it?

Yes, only you can hear them. It would be a total cluster#!%? if everyone would hear them.

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