Yo when are the buffs rolling for Frost?

I want to play 2h frost in mythic+ and raids without being discriminated at. Also in pvp I don’t wanna be this training dummy that everyone chases because we lack mobillity and proper defensive cds to be able to survive big burst my multiple ppl. We need escapes or something to avoid all dmg.

Ive been playing this game for a while and right now this is the moment where I feel absolutely bad about playing this game. For me atleast there is no fun in playing a frost DK, the lore and class I adore the most.


“Do NoT WoRRy! TuNinG is NoT oVeR!”
“Get to LevEL 58! IT geTs So mUcH beTTer!”
“2H Oblits!”
“5 NEW rUnEs! WoW!”
“YoU juSt haVe to ReV it uP to deAL maSSivE daMAge!”

  • Sorry mate, could you switch to unholy?
  • No, why?
    You have been removed from the group

Welcome to the club

make noise, insult the discord simps and get blizz to hear us, any publicity is good publicity here considering they dont read the forums and live in their own world, like many designers to they dont play and feel what they create.


friken unreal how blizzard wont fix 2 handed frost dk in the state we are on top of damn glacial advance not working when you use it towards a wall is bullsh!t but hey discord babys says were JUUUUUUSSSSST fine

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Frost is getting buffed, they are making the respec to blood more powerful apparantly:

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Good one :rofl:

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