Your favourite soft reset

Imagine this, We are badly loosing to jailer and he is about to rewrite reality, but then suddenly, leader of the first ones interfere, he snap his fingers and restores the balance in the universe to what it should have been.Basicaly undoing all damage and giving Mortals second chance to evolve in this experiment of his. From What brokers tell as about first ones they seem to be transcendental beings, Good Comparission is Q from startrek, that is how i see the first ones. So they should be able to do anything almost, even stuff that defies logic as they should exist outside of concept such as that. Maybe Deus Ex machina ,but it can be done in a epic way.

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What I like about that idea is that it could actually reset the strange parts of the magic system. If the First Ones truly are godlike, they can just end the “six thrones” struggle, and jusr redefine the magic system. The Brokers’ textx already alluded to the idea that there was pretty much an infinite ampunt of possible magics and magic realms around, and that the six were only the most defined ones. Well, changing that could stop us from continuing the unrelatable cosmic balance questline we are on at the moment.

I say let the Jailor win and destroy the universe. After that the writers could go wild and create a new universe. The cosmic powers shouldn’t matter in the same way and the whole cosmology could be reinvented (or not). A new Azeroth and different planets could be created. However through some means the “heroes” survive. Perhaps a last sacrifice from the awakened Azeroth, Zoval keeps us alive or… any other way.

If they would do this I would hope they would stick to this new frame to build upon it and not recton everything every view years. However I don’t think this will ever change.

There may be negative aspects to this. I think the positive aspects are greater though.
If everything is destroyed and rebuild there has to be a new Azeroth created. It could be close / or the same as the old, it would be updated though. All of Azeroth.

This would bring all of Azeroth up to date, give us a villain we already know (yes Zoval is lame), a reason to band together etc.

They’ve messed up the lore so bad this is really one of the view ways I can see them ending it all. I can’t see them resolving any of their mistakes. This would allow them to ignore everything prior (more or less) and to make a new start.

Adventuring, meeting new people etc.

Well yes, I am not a fictional character :slight_smile:

Doesn’t make the point any less apt though. Simply going “Well they can just retcon it/the character” is apathy.

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5: The Jailor succeeds to remake the universe as he sees fit . Only those near the final battle survives , everyone else is gone . We start full fresh .

If our defeat is not possible . Then I would g with option 2: Skip forward .
100 200 400 years ahead . As much as needed for everything to change and only “legends remain”


we need a soft reset that wipes out all the gnomes … rather then lossing almost all their population they was completely wiped out and take the blood elves with you on the way to extinction


Arthas never went rogue as his father and uther threw him in jail for exceeding his authority the orcs never escaped the internment camps … the paladins of the silverhand wiped out kel’thuzad and his followers there by denied the lich king his plot

Yep that’s my take on it too and it would be a soft “reset”.

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