In-game polling system for feedback


Yesterday I saw the video of the WOW Community, and I didn’t like the idea because 100 people are not representative of a game with thousands of players (it’s a good idea but bad execution, and the video actually has almost 50/50 like/dislike ratio).

So my suggestion is to add an ingame poll, nothing new, something similar like osrs polls.

The idea is simple, you have a poll postmail ingame where people can give feedback to some answers.

With this, devs/designers can answer questions like “Do you like 5 target aoe capping” or “Do you want to change covenant freely?” (yes/no answers, multiple answers…) and gather easily direct feedback from actual wow players, and not social media haters that aren’t actually playing the game. They could reward the player for answering to this polls too.

I think it’s a good idea to setup some basic filters too. With this we ensure that the players has some knowledge of the game (don’t let players who never stepped in arena decide about arena balancing for example, because they don’t have enough experience).

Some examples of basic filtering:

Everybody can see questions tagged with “new players” (like character customization, roleplaying question, leveling…)

Only people with a minimum of X hours played across all characters can answer more complex questions like class tuning, some endgame design, loot design

Only people with a minimum of 1000 in rated pvp (this expansion) can see pvp questions (balancing, soloqueue, pvp vendor…)

The same for m+ (like having all dungeons completed in 10 in time for example) or raid (having ahead of the curve)

and so on…

I think this could be very nice to collect player opinions and create some nice statistics for the devs/designers.

They only have to ask the good questions using this method.

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