Imperius bug Q spell

Ennemies drops from Imperius’ Q too early and are quite immune from Imperius’ Q, the spell is supposed to stun 1 sec but goes to like 0.5 sec or less.

I also report that Cho’Gall are able to escape from Imperius Q with the Z spell
« Shove », Imperius becomes almost useless against them.

You are actually posting on the french forum of Hots.

By the way Gall is considered as totally different entity than Gall.
If Cho is silenced i guess Gall is still able to cast abilities, that’s why he is able to escape, it’s like if it is some kind of permanent abathur on him.
Consider that as a counter, even if it’s boring to face that.

thx for ur quick response, (yeah i respond 1 month later).

I can understand for cho’gall, but what about the Imperius’ q spell ? I think its a real bug which has not yet been fixed. this give me pain… ;(