New hero : Far Sear

Trait: your auto attacks have a chance to root then ennemy for 1 sec and dispell all friendly buffs on it

Q:waterfall: water fall on ennemies in a zone dealing alot of damage but giving mana to the nenemy 10 sec cd

w: sumon 2 wolves taht last 1 min (liek warcraft 3) microable 10 sesc cd
normal mana cost

E: see trought the eyes of a target revealing them without they notice
the capacity. ( its an active that consumes mana over time) if you consume 100% of your mana( the amount of mana of your mana pool) root the target for 10 seconds option 2 one shot the target( if the target went back to the base cancel the effect , if the target dies obvioulsy cancel the effect

ult 1 earthquake ( like in warcraft 3) shakes teh ground dealing damage over time slowing the ennemy team and dealing alot of damage to the buildings
last 10 seconds on a large area

ult 2 : wildfire the Farsear takes fire and leave wild fire behind him that burn the ennemies taht walk in it

Z: at all time on a wolf movespeed increased by 10% your wolf run 30% faster toward heroes that are below 10% hp
lvl 1 talent

quest : proc your passive on every hero
reward: incease your attack speed by 5% each time you kill an ennemy hero
when you reach 100% your auto attacks bounce from minions to the nearest hero or from a hero to all the minions around

reduce your mana pool by half

your wolves can now soak xp and take 30% less damage from ennemy minions they can also cap mercs

waterfall : stop the mana regen of the ennemy hit by waterfall for 30 seconds
quest : give 1000 mana to ennemy heroes
reward, water fall takes back the mana given after 2 sec if the ennemy hero doesnt use mana for those 2 seconds

lvl 4

soul link : transfer 20% of the damage from your selected target to you last 20 seconds/ 30 sec cd

wolf rank 2 : your wolves are bigger stronger faster

your E target takes 10% more damage from minions mercs and boss
if the target goes back to the base refund the totality of the mana used

runic bracelets : reduce the damage taken from capacities by 30%

lvl 7

your wolf mount now reveal the target that are 10% hp or less if he run toward them i you kill them conserve the 30% movement speed for 3 seconds

healing salve: the farsear can heal his teamates ( same has in warcraft 3 moonwell style but in smaller) 3 charges the refill the charges by backign up to the base

speed scroll : incread the speed of teh entire team by 10% and make them
imune to slows for 4 seconds ( cd 40 seconds)

sobi mask : increase your mana regen

lvl 13

basic attacks deal 2 extra % of the missing life of the target

your wolves are imune to aoe attacks

cancel your E to root the target 0.01 sec per mana spent ( basicaly 100 mana 1 sec)

lvl 16

your wolves have now invisibility and can do critical strikes they are even bigger faster stronger

waterfall push back the ennemies and no longer cost mana

cancel E and teleport behind the hero targeted basic attack slow for 40% last 3 sec

lvl 20

reveal the entire map

your earthquake bump ennemies in the air if they stay more than 3 seconds in it reduce teh cd by 30%

wild fire increase your movement speed by 50 % whilde doing it

waterfall can be used on allies to give them 30% of their max mana and grant them 20% capacity damage but they cannot be healed last 4 seconds

Far sear is a goofy hero that needs love