Objectives deal way too much

its really anoying how much impact objectives have. its really hard to come back to hots jsut because of that

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  2. That’s why it’s called « objectives », and that’s why people tend to try to win them. What would be the point otherwise ?
  3. « hard to come back ». Suuuuure.
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true but that neglate cool phases like pushing a keep because your keeps basicaly get rekted by mercs or objectives.
i mean its not a bad design that prevent heavy split pushers to be super anoying but imo they are poping abit too much, you put abit of pressure on a lane and there is already an objective ( remember that pushing a keep can backfire if you get too greedy alowing for good plays, flanking plays

so yeah reduce the frequency of objectives and the damages or tankyness of mercs tankyness

somes bosses are absurd btw the one taht jumps on you and stun you i mean… you get wipe then the remains of the team just cant even dps the boss because he is jumpign everywhere stuning… thats cool but tahts too much of a stomper

i could be wrong its just because of some objectives its harder to apreciates the map to its full potential because everything happens in 1 small palce most of the time
thats the reason i love the Eternity field map its because its very big alowing for super teamfights also there is 2 spot for objecvites to be done 1 for each team and tahts super cool because it alows for tanks to bait and anoys those who want to do their objectives 1 place objectives basicaly the 2 teams are going to collaps each other and 1 mistake most of the time the tank will do it