Skin Overwatch League Hangzhou Spark ZEN


Hello Everyone, First I have to precise i’m not English natural language, so forgive me for some errors or mistakes, expression if its no correctly however i’m going to try simple.

This is my first post on Forum and it is about Overwatch league Skin, Specialy Skin of Hanghzou Spark Zenyatta.

For the little Story, I Playing Overwatch since a little more than one year and I very like This Game, I play Support and my favorite heroes is Zenyatta.

I Watched Overwatch league saison 1 almost all match & I watch the saison 2 with the new line-up & new Teams, I very like the Concept highlighing of Esports and the values broughts like friendship, communication, strategy, cooperation & co.

This new years Blizzard fixed the point system token about watching Overwatch league.

So this years I was able to take a OL Skin of My favorite Team and heroes (Hangzhou Spark Zenyatta Skin).

However i was a little bit disapointed after my purchase, I explain apparently Hanghzou spark zenyatta skin is the only one to do not look like the same of this be used in Oleague.


I give some explain & Screenshots for better understand, The arms of Zenyatta are Blue in Overwatch league Skin than/while Full Pink in Overwatch league skin for lambda player & other difference with the trousers it is pink with blue tabard than/while for lambda player the trousers is blue with white tabard.

I agree it is a little diferencies but personnaly when i watched the Overwatch league and when I saw the zenyatta hangzou Spark skin, I said I need it absolutely it is awesome, so when i had enought Token I purchased it immediatly i was so enjoy to could be had the skin & support the OW Team.

I launched a game whith it and i was fall form hight when I realized & understand they was not the same, I could say “I lost my Hype, and the feeling about my first reaction “awesome””.

So I tried to understand and made some research but nothing found about it, so it is for that I give a post to try to understand or maybe I missing something, for simple i need to see clearer.

Thank You to those read this post and in advance for all reply for contribute it, Finaly (Forgive me if this message contain some mistakes & expression language i’m not English Naturaly)

Thank You Everyone, Thank You Blizzard,



Hi :slight_smile:

Jeff Kaplan doesn’t read the french forum.

But he love cookies and baguettes on his breakfirst. :banana::watermelon::cherries:

Je présume que tu est belge, oui Hazzard est très fort à Chelsea.


Déjà c’est Hazard, respecte mon pays stp. :3
(Et n’oublie pas les « s » en anglais, à la troisième personne.) :smiley:


Après l’avoir écrit je me suis dis qu’il y avait un z en trop mais la flemme d’éditer, tkt je fait beaucoup de fautes il manquera pas que des s par ci pour par là :smiley:

Vi les fréros hazard’s c’est vrai ca mérite un s :slight_smile: .


Bonne nouvelle, le problème du skin a été réglé.


J’ai plus un skin de zen ninja :’(


On est ravi, au moins maintenant, on sait que blizzard est réactif sur les skins.


21 jours pour corriger un faux-raccord digne de Michel et Michel, c’était de l’ironie non ? :upside_down_face:


Non, absolument pas, mais genre vraiment pas 21 jours c’est un délai très acceptable.