A new special forces custom map [Plz comment]


Starcraft II Custom map idea

In big lines
----> A new special forces
----> Rank point basic system
----> A system of starters (with levels)
----> 100 uniques difficulties
----> Useful and original achevements
----> Large map and/or 2-3 maps
----> Units shop
----> Secrets
----> And more…

/!\ Im not a developper its
why i need one to create this
game,if you want to help me
contact me on discord :

A system of starters

Every start of games you can choose a starter :
Exemple : Marine (1st starter)
He have levels, (100 max), more he have levels,more he unlock skills
more he levels up his skills and he get of course more powerfull

Exemple : Rusher [Skin_Raynor_sniper] [Weapon : Basic attack of the battlecrusier]
-= You must win difficulty 50 and ??? rank points to unlock him =-


Stimpack : Upgrade attack speed by 50% [+25% for every 25 levels] [CD (?)]
Yamato cannon : [Level 10] Your shoots do splash for 10 seconds [+0.5 sec every 5 levels] [CD (?)]
Fire Aura : [level 15] Fire aura, do damage to every ennemies and buildings near you [Max 80% damage on ennemies]
Clones : [level 20] Make 1 clone of him for 20 sec [+1 every 20 levels] [CD (?)]
Multi shot : [Level 25] [Passive], you shoot 2 shots [+1 every 25 levels]

Good points : Best starter for rush
Bad points : His stats are not good for high difficulties

100 uniques difficulties

Why unique ? Because every difficulties will have a debuff :

Exemple : Difficulty 27 [require ??? rank points] : All units have 300% more movement speed and 100% more attack speed
[Can be changed]

High difficulties will have a lot of hard debuff and small difficulties will have 1-2 easy debuff

Useful Original achevements

Why useful? Because every achevements will give you a bonus :

Exemple : [+1% lifeleech] or [+10% more damage for starter] or [+1000 starting minerals]

Why original? I don’t have any idea for original achevements because the game isn’t started yet

Large map(s) and/or 2-3 maps

Of course, the map will be large, because if the map is too small, it will be boring and too

I hope there will be more than 1 map for more possibilities =)

Units shop

There will be an unit shop where you will buy you favorite units

These units are more powerfull then starters but don’t have levels
To buy them you need to spend minerals (or gaz?)
Every units require rankpoints to unlock her (without probe and the 1st unit)

Exemple : Tassadar [Cost : ???] [Require : ??? rankpoint]

Abilites : ???


Every special forces mean secrets :

There will be 2 hidden sentences who will give a random gift every games (if you write if every games)
who will be something like that :

[Deferlant is god] and [(Developper name) is god]

There will be some hidden bosses too (and why not a small hidden map xd)

I hope you liked my idea, if you wanna be the developpers of this custom map
contact my on discord : defer#5404

Bye =)