Beta dragonflight feedback

Before giving you my report on this beautiful new expansion, I wanted to thank you for inviting me to test the beta phase of dragonflight. During this beta, I had the opportunity to test the lvling phase of the different areas that compose the dragon islands (quests and dragonriding system), the evoker (dps) but also the mm+ as well as the raid.

First of all, I will start by giving you my opinion on the dps evoker (I have not tested the heal but I think the spell mechanics are quite similar. The talent tree is pretty well designed, it allows you to cover all possible dps situations whether for mono targets or multi-targettargets with a limited number of targets or even unlimited in the sense where I find that we can modulate the damage we want to do according to the number of targets we want to touch to optimize its rotation of spells and what in my opinion gives an air of freshness to this class compared to others. The principle of charging attacks is also something that brings novelty and that makes the class specialty. Even with the lore I find that the class is well introduced in the extension with the quests relative to black flight.

At the level of the areas that make up the dragon islands I have enjoyed most of the areas, I find that the shore of awakening is an area that introduces us well the general situation of flights and this continues with the azur span and thaldraszus. Only downside for me is the area of the ohn’ahra plains that I find a little detached and also less immersive in the history of draconic flights and dragonriding make maybe less sense in this area because the area is a little more terrestrial that aerial.
The dragonriding fit well with the expansion and I hope it won’t be given up in the future of the expansion.
Talent trees may appear overwhelming for some players, and I think it must be eased a bit even if on the other hand I think atm it allows you to play a lot of different playstyles because they cover many situations (raid/mm+).
For the mm+, the new thundering affix is super interesting, it forces players to adopt a certain dynamic of movements (in addition with the many aoes that are already in the dragonflight dungeons that can I imagine add a little difficulty for casual players. The dragonflight dungeons are graphically and technically at the height of a new extension and the rest of the dungeons of season 1 have been well chosen (basic they adapt well to the difficulty mm+ but we will see if they will be well set up). Unfortunately I find it a shame that not all the dragonflight dungeons are present in the mm+ first season.

Overall, I think that dragonflight is an expansion with a very good basic content (much more successful than shadowland in terms of content) with quite interesting new features and that have the merit of being renewed and updated during the following extension (talents, trades, dragonriding, fame) and not given up too quickly as some shadowland features.