Sod damage reduction is ruining classic


So I played bg and realised that blizzard had implemented a « damage reduction aura », to « test » and « balance » Classic SoD.

So here’s my thoughts on the subject:

First let me tell you I’ve played 2 bgs and was absolutely disappointed of this dam reduce, I don’t even want to bg anymore, even though I had massive fun before this stupidity.

So my thoughts:

The danger of the damage, and the damage you can deal is what makes the game fun.

If you take that away, well in my opinion this isn’t fun anymore, PvP and especially bgs will be flat, boring…
To be real, I’ve never seen such stupid implemantation from blizzard that this « damage reduction aura ».

If you want to « balance » the game, you don’t simply put a -50% dam reduction to all class, you specifically target some spell of certain classes and see if this is too powerful or too weak, then you balance.

I know this is not that simple, this is work, but this damage aura reduction is absurd.

Finally, I don’t know from what comes this change, but if it come from players who whine about taking too much damage, without explaining why, I think that blizzard take much more in account casual players that are clueless and penalize the players who have invested time into understanding the game to be better at PvP.

This isn’t right, the players who invested time and sweat in the game prevail on casuals.

It’s like paying more money to a man who does not work, than to a man who work hard as hell, well in this case, WoW players worked and sweat to play the game better.

Please blizzard, realise that your damage reduction « aura » is absurd, I insist, if you want to balance the game you need to specifically target one spell of certain classes, you don’t simply nerf all the classes and all their spells.

Right now you are ruining the fun of a majority of players I’d suppose, and we are forced to deal with this till monday.
I had the most fun on classic in this p3, really disapointed.

Tell me your thoughts, ty for reading.

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Totally agree with you

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This damage reduction thing is absolute BS, there’s absolutely no difference between a R7 full pvp gear and a random 49 quest-pre bis gear. I’d even lose 1v1 against full pre-bis pve boys while I’m 100% pvp bis…jesus Blizz

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Yeah, I have the feeling that they want to reward casuals that whine and don’t know a lot about the game rather than reward hardcore PvPers.

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a balance of a few spells would have been more relevant…

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absolutely my whole point, the damage reduction won’t solve anything it’s irrationnal.
You don’t overcome one flaw from let’s say a body by replacing the whole body, you replace the thing that is problematic.
in my opinion they could slightly nerf the dots ticking, because it ticks real hard and ppl are too much counting on their dots to kill and not casting.
But for me the game was balanced enough, really, some classes had good spell that they deserve to counter other classes, i didn’t see so much problems, i’ve pvped a lot, i just noticed as said above the dots ticking real hard, and also instants too broken like hunter chimera shot, dude 50% damage in one instant spell, i saw details, one hunt hit me with that 1K no crit

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blizzard always do good work & u know it because they all play the game hehe
no seriously i agggrrrrrreeeeeeeeee with you

we’ve been complaining about dying by 2dot since P2, and they’re still upgrading the SP. Instead of setting neutral zones so that we can discover the dream of emerald quietly without being run over every 10 minutes.
They set 8guard to a fixed point hehehehehe

now you’re full P3gear & you can’t kill a guy who just came up 50 just with the reputation set of the event and who has a little bit of self heal :smiley:

I’m really clueless of how braindead this « global dampening » is, I’m sorry to be rude but I’ve never seen such a devastating implemantation to the game.
Yeah it seems like a lot of peoples who worked to have their gear (invest time, TIME, time is not nothing) are being penalized by this.
Btw i’m the op, I just changed my char display to my beloved era lock.
I say it again, if blizzard listen more the casual players that complain because they don’t have a good understanding of the overall game, rather than the player who have worked to understand it, then they’re really really wrong. (I just suppose it could be the cause of this dampening stuff)
I basically won’t play until the dam reduce is finished, I just can’t stand it.
I have lost 4 days of subscription, cool.

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If they still keep this reduction I will stop everything.
pvp will no longer have any fun.
might as well go back to classic.

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100% true, 50% dmg reduction and no reduction for healer is the worst idea possible. Healer will be unkillable and hybrid class (like shaman) are just impossible to fight. So bad …

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Nerf damage or Up Stamina. Not twice !

All people set up this nerf, You’re retarded only


(I never post in forum many many many many years i start a long time ago, you know Blizzard)…

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I’ve logged in especially to upvote this post,
you’re absolutely right, blizzard should listen to elite pvp player, not some casuals barking on forum making way more noise than what the silent mass really think.

Tho I like the approach that they take, listening to the community and making changes accordingly, but they need to listen to the right people.

For instance in reagards to pvp, Blizzard need to invite rank 1 players / skilled streamer who actively play this version of the game and do a round table with them, boucing off each others idea, they can’t rely on some random post or the team who does their job in PVE but maybe lack in pvp experience,
use the knowledge of players like Xaryu, Pshero, Hydra and many more as consultent.
Only then we will have a real pvp environment where everyone can have the most fun.

And this is not even that far fetch since blizzard seems to have dropped the ego these last few years and is able to create something beautiful where the majority of player feel valued and respected.

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Is this a joke? There is no pvp gear yet. The pvp gear have like 20 more stam than prebis stuff and that’s about it.

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Of course, nerfing Sp with only 2 dots wrecks you, yes Sp needs a nerf like Sham. But why nerf damage and increase stamina for everyone, what is this? Seriously?

Go fix the right skill and target this particular skill for balancing the game in PvP.

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100% agree. How can you reduce the damage of 50 PERCENT !!! and keep exactly the same amount of healing. No joke the dev are so …

Healers and hybrid are unkillable. Okay for a small damage reduction(not 50%), but we need something like a global mortal strike (20% heal reduction maybe) to avoid stupid fight where the team with the biggest amount of healer is automaticaly the winner

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I juste HATE this aura, it feel like retail, how can blizzard do stuff like this ?!
Now some classes are even MORE cheated, healers and unkillable, way to go, you made pvp worst than ever.

If this aura become permanent i’ll stop wow SOD forever.

I completely agree with this post and many of your comments. It’s a shame because once the raid is cleared for the week, one of the only things to do for those not excited about professions or other farming activities was PvP.

We’re back in the same loop as Phase 2: You log in, clear the raid, and come back a week later!

So yes, a priest who double/triple dots you and runs while you slowly die is frustrating. A hunter who splits you in two with 2 chimera shots if you step on a trap is annoying. An unkillable shaman who hits like a warrior, heals like a priest, and tanks like a druid… yes, I sometimes felt smashing my screen was my only option. I won’t even mention the boomkin who summons the moon on your head and the next thing you see is the ghost spirit.
But since I’ve been playing this game, from the end of classic, we’ve always had classes stronger than others, that’s the game!

It’s a shame, Phase 3 was nice! See you in Phase 4 to see how they will probably, once again, ruin the fun we can have!

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I agree on the fact it’s not the optimal adjustment but still the pvp general feeling was 100% better with that damage reduction than without it.

It’s just not fun to even play when every shaman can one shot you regardless of being enh or caster.

50% was too much for caster for sure, but 30% felt nice on melees and except bears under frenzied regen most classes felt more than ok to kill.

I hope they add some way to kill a good % of dmg in pvp at lvl 60, cause AV just won’t be playable without it. STV is already unplayable having most fight < 10 ppl so can’t imagine with more and no changes to damages.

They need to do something. This 1 shot meta has nothing to do with skill. If you want to one shot things, go snipe some lvl 42 npc. I will quit wow again.

I really can’t understand why ppl complain about this patch. Do ppl like that pvp fights lasts for 3 sec, with 2-3 shots all the time ? We cannot demonstrate our pvp skills because often targets are insta kill.
Pvp feel way more better with this patch, fights are smoother, in bg we need to learn to focus same target, and maybe use our brain way more efficiently than before.
+1 for pvp damage reduction

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