A deck that easily reaches the legendary rank!

A deck that easily reaches the legendary rank!

Greetings to all, my dear brothers and sisters, friends and beloved comrades of Hearthstone!
Last month, it was on this “King Plush” hunter deck that I flew into the legendary rank in a couple of days.
This deck has it all:

  1. An excellent selection of “Costume Singer” cards for 1 unit of mana;
  2. Great two starting secrets that make winning early in the match:
  • hidden meaning for 2 mana crystals;
  • insidious substitution for 2 mana crystals.
  1. This deck has a great combo from the Insidious Substitution secret and the 1/4 Monkey Barrel wall brings early wins.
  2. The basis and foundation of this deck rests on the death rattles:
  • Yodel screams for 4 mana crystals;
  • mysterious egg for 5 mana crystals.
  1. Pulls us a predator from the deck and reduces the cost of “Cattle Thief” by 3 units of mana for 5 mana crystals.
  2. For late game this deck has:
  • Zelliax Deluxe-3000;
  • King Plush;
  • Banjosaurus;
  • Tyrannosaurus;
  1. All the cards in this deck synergize perfectly with each other!

Who wants to get to legendary rank in a couple of days. Build this deck and go ahead. At the most legendary rank, this deck will play worse on King Plush. Although even at the legendary rank this deck will bring you quick, cool and good victories, but with a lower winning percentage.

  1. First video. The victory in this match was won on the second turn. The enemy saw “Mukla 10/10” on the second and surrendered!
    Hearthstone Hunter (youtube.com)

  2. The early victory in this match was achieved on the 6th move. Not a bad hand of cards. Great start. Solid victory!

Hearthstone Hunter - YouTube


Class: Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of Pegasus

#2x (1) Thornmantle Musician
#2x (1) Awakening Shoves
#2x (1) Costumed singer
#2x (1) Bunch of Bananas
#2x (2) Barrel of Monkeys
#2x (2) Insidious Substitution
#2x (2) Titan Traps
#2x (2) Hidden meaning
#2x (4) Yodeling
#2x (5) Mystery Egg
#2x (5) Cattle Thief
#1x (6) Aggramar the Avenger
#1x (6) Mr. Mukla
#2x (7) Tyrannosaurus
#1x (0) Zilliax Deluxe 3000
#1x (0) Zilliax Deluxe 3000
#1x (4) Redundant module
#1x (5) Ideal module
#1x (9) King Plush
#2x (10) Banjosaurus


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone.

Thank you all, friends! See you!