Legendary deck "The Devil is very close 666"!

Legendary deck “The Devil is very close 666”!

Hello everyone!!! My dear and beloved friends and fans from the forum!

The main thing is how to play the new demon hunter and his new toys?
What do we want to get in our starting hand for a match with any opponent?

  1. We want to find at the start a playing card for 2 mana “Adjuster”, which draws us the Demon Hunter weapon “Orbiter’s Grasp” for 3 mana;
  2. It was not possible to find the playing card “Adjuster” for 2 units of mana, but you received a weapon in your starting hand for 3 units of mana “Orbiter’s Grasp”, be sure to leave the weapon in the starting hand;
  3. Neither the 3-mana weapon “Orbiter’s Grasp” nor the 2-mana “Adjuster” playing card came into the starting hand, what should I do?
  4. For example, if “Shop Gawker” came into your starting hand for 5 mana, leave it to play on the 5th turn and get the desired demon;
  5. What to do if none of the above playing cards came into your starting hand. Yes, this is where your understanding of the Demon Hunter himself will be needed so that you can play the match and win by collecting combinations of playing cards from those in your starting hand;
  6. Of course, we have three excellent legendary cards in our deck for your combinations, which give a big and fast blow to the opponent’s face with a lethal outcome:
  • Legendary map “Kikigi”;
  • Legendary card “Metamarphosis”;
  • Legendary card “The Last Dance”!
  1. It is important to understand here that you can spin up and make the Demon Hunter’s punch higher than 10. This is very important to use and play correctly in different matches, both good and bad.
  2. The Demon Hunter himself and all his new toys are very well combined in different versions and different combinations, but do not forget to check your cards for the impact of your combinations. Take your time and remember that one or two combinations are enough to break your opponent’s face and destroy more than 20 units of your opponent’s health in one turn!
  3. How to play Zelliax-3000 in this deck?
  • You can play Zelliax-3000 at the pace of your match. The easiest way to play this legendary card;
  • It is for this deck that Zelliax-3000 is needed to replenish the health of the Demon Hunter himself. You will lose a lot of health or in other matches, and especially in quick matches, where there will be a lot of creatures on the table from the early moves, then this is where Zelliax-3000 will be needed. Zelliax-3000 will easily replenish your health bank from 12 to 24 units so that you can play your card combinations. That’s exactly what Zelliax-3000 is for in this deck!

Kikigi said, “Evil is coming”!

Hello everyone, my friends!
What’s on our menu today?
Demon Hunter!
A wonderful deck that the developers of Hearthstone pleased us with, without exaggeration and without any doubt, this Demon Hunter deck is cool!
Anyone who wants to quickly break into the legendary rank, you can do it without any problems or difficulty on this deck, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT HERE and I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Demon Hunter deck requires your understanding, for example, the legendary card “Zelliax-3000” in my I use the deck to replenish health, since the Demon Hunter spends its health very quickly, which requires replenishing health!

  1. Hearthstone Demon Hunter (youtube.com)

  2. Hearthstone Demon Hunter (youtube.com)

Demon Hunter

Class: Demon Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of Pegasus

#2x (1) Taste of Chaos
#2x (1) Illidarology
#2x (1) Burning Heart
#2x (1) The Fabulous Salesman
#2x (1) Frequency emitter
#2x (2) Wand Maker
#2x (2) Team Spirit
#1x (2) Customizer
#2x (2) Dehydrated Desperado
#1x (3) Time stamp
#2x (3) Referee’s Grip
#1x (4) Sound Engineer Pozzik
#2x (4) Boar with ball
#1x (4) Ki’kigi
#1x (4) Metamorphosis
#1x (4) The Last Dance
#2x (5) Shop Gawker
#1x (8) Magtheridon Unliberated
#1x (0) Zilliax Deluxe 3000
#1x (0) Zilliax Deluxe 3000
#1x (4) Redundant module
#1x (5) Ideal module


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