Dishonest game for multiplayer mode

I would like to talk about the problem encountered several times in multiplayer modes, 4vs4 in particular mode.
At the beginning of the game allies attack other allies for a reason unknown to me, this has happened several times and I start to think that some dishonest players create second or third accounts to destroy a team at the beginning of the game and decide the direction of the game.
It’s really bad for someone like me who just wants to play St2 occasionally even with strangers not in a team.
Finally, I suggest that it be automatically recognized when an allied player attacks another ally intentionally and not by mistake or intentionally plays to be defeated, thus excluding the user from the game, ending this ridiculous position in the league ranking, about this way of playing. I hope this serious problem will be solved in future updates.
Thank you for listening.

That’s not something blizzard can handle. the only meaning to attack an ally is to troll them because there are always less player in team game so some of them decide to troll the ally just for fun and see them scream. The only way to counter these people is to report them.
However i can swear it don’t happen at all the player, i think you’re just a unlucky guy.
E comunque questo è un forum italiano.

<scusate per la scritta in inglese. non sapevo fosse solo un forum ita