Blizzard absolutely destroyed the "mage" class in PVP

I understand that every employee at blizzard is subject to hellish harassment, rape, harassment, and more.
I really sympathize with everyone who happened to go through this, I hope all those responsible will be punished.
But does it have anything to do with the business you’re selling?
Why do you continue to sell services at such a difficult time for your employees. Of course, experiencing such a hellish climate of harassment and hell on earth, employees cannot work normally.
Which results in the total destruction of the class in a certain aspect of the game.
Try to play a magician on the battlefield, guys, dear ones, and you will know such a humiliation that you have never known before. NOBODY plays mages in the arena or field rankings. Then the question is backfilling, but what do you charge money for? Well, that is, I buy a product from you, a game in which there is a class that is totally destroyed in pvp…
Do you seriously think that it is even possible to cast a 3-second spell in a battle full of incredible dynamics? When the DPS reaches 50% of my hp per second, and my spell that damages 1% of the enemy’s hp is cast for 3 seconds… Blizzard you are disappointing to the point of impossibility. Why did you deceive me and sell me a product with so many flaws and did not WARN ME ABOUT THIS? It leads to crime.

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