Pay and be in the top

Hello again, honorable Blizzard support team.On behalf of the players, I want to thank the responsiveness and support of the gameplay.Nevertheless, I would like to talk a little about the p2w system, and the clans that create accounts by throwing them into the clan, for the purpose of selling at auctions.I also find it unacceptable that new clans are rapidly disintegrating due to a lack of players or top clans leaving.By violating prohibitions, we become our own enemies.Only a couple of changes will cope with such a misunderstanding:The first is that upon reaching the rank of “immortal” and exile, the percentage of clan points decreases by 25 percent, this will serve as an incentive for new players to create clans to get into the top ten, which will increase demand and interest; The second is that everyone knows that many players run over from the top clan during the ceremony in the next top clan to to be immortal again.Many players consider these actions absurd.However, there is a way out-limiting players to enter the clan until the next rite of exile.And one more important detail. To speed up the process of dealing with players who insult players, add a screenshot button next to the complain button.If you want the game to be relevant for many more years, you will draw conclusions and take related measures. Make the game more worthy for everyone!:wink:

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