ИГРА ИСПОРЧЕА Разработчиками

Diablo 3. The game is not satisfied. The developers have worked hard, too many special effects, in the world of the devil, all monsters and trash are sick with psychosis! Many players with whom she began to play in 2012 quit playing.
All clothes, weapons, medallions, rings - JUST! Kadala, Cube, Miriam - SCAM, to take away the player’s many-hour LABOR, you stand for hours to improve a thing. Monk still has a small carpet, there is still no socket in his belt. The player does not even have a compartment in the backpack.
GAME ELIMINATED YOURSELF! Players who play a very long time have stopped playing.
In the great portals from the PILLARS Dervishes fly out, which cannot be killed, even with a paragon for 5000.
NO SENSE to play this game further.
When to TAKE ACTION? The game became not interesting and was almost killed by the developers.
ANYONE of the developers WILL TAKE ACTION? Answer please.

По моему не по адресу пост. Вам на US, вы же понимаете это.
Если конечно это ваши мысли вслух.

А кто эта “ОНА”!?
С 1 сентября 2012 с ней не встречался…:man_facepalming:

MurashRS, конечно мы не встречались. Я начала играть в мае 2012 года Ты видимо с неба слетел, с Цереры…