Heroes of the Storm

Hello everyone, I want to talk about the game Heroes of the Storm, I want to express my sub "objective vision of the game in the present and advise some ideas for the future, maybe ordinary players like me will agree with me, and maybe this vision will reach the game developers , as I do not want such a good project to disappear, Blizzard close their eyes to the game as much as possible and switch their views to more successful projects, but this is not the way out. So that “throw creeps faster skills, in order to gain experience faster”, you can do so if you finish your creep then your enemy will not get experience, and if you do not flip swing the enemy, then the experience is not given, it would increase concentration in standing time on the line and would increase the overall duration of the game. Game time, for me this is also a problem, very little time to get the much desired pleasure from the game and not enough ka time for To make a comeback, I propose to improve the health of “creeps, fortresses and all buildings in general and increase the time and ability to achieve tasks such as” Towers of Rock "that hp main buildings was not 36 but 72 it would increase the playing time too, increase The cards themselves, so that players would increasingly find opportunities for any team outings. Next, the second problem is the talents of the heroes, sometimes it seems that you can pump them all with your eyes closed and nothing would change at all, first you could increase the frequency talent selection and overall maximum team experience from 30 to 40, and it would be great to do something like "Anduin Defender Allies in a word healer, and take and do that when you reach the maximum level all his talents change, more damage, and will be zeroed, after that the player on a new already completely other talents under other abilities pumps, it would be cool to me to see that on 30 lvl Anduin gets Shalamein and goes to deliver Razheskih heroes, it’s cool. Then make at least some shop with items for the heroes, it would once again increase the interest of players and the variability of the game. And most importantly, if you took the heroes from different projects, then why not take all the good and popular that they have, an auction with World of Warcraft, a book of heroes from Hearthstone, who does not know, it tells the story of the great warrior of World of Warcraft, Jarosh peas, etc., Do the same, create a separate location where you can take Arthas for example and as in old warcraft Frozen throne to know his story and so on each hero, add some table of achievements in the game, some battle pass to be interesting for players, make one or two tournaments with large prize funds, it will attract professional players who follow will bring their audience of players and if as a last resort you do not want to do anything with this game, just sell it to another company that will work with it. Thanks to everyone who read, I just want help save the project with good prospects, because a little more and this game can no longer be saved. Happy New Year everyone !!!

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Здраствуйте. Я, Кирилл. Хотел бы чтобы вы сделали игру, 3Д-экшон суть такова… Пользователь может играть лесными эльфами, охраной дворца и злодеем. И если пользователь играет эльфами то эльфы в лесу, домики деревяные набигают солдаты дворца и злодеи. Можно грабить корованы… И эльфу раз лесные то сделать так что там густой лес…

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Я джва года жду такую игру!

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