Bug of paladin’s “Particle of Light” ability

I found a bug
that the paladin’s “Particle of Light” ability in the light specialization does not work correctly

  1. take a hunter in the specialization of the lord of beasts, a bow with a buff “demonic armor”, or a bear (they all have an incoming heal modifier
  2. use the ability “Particle of light” on yourself, and heal one of point 1
    result: the target receives an additional heal, but the paladin does not receive it, although it follows from the description that 100% heal is assigned to the target on which there is a buff “Particle of Light”
    expectation: a paladin being under the “Particle of Light” buff and healing a target that has a modification to the received heal should receive the same heal

Чел, ты форумом ошибся, тут на русском писать принято, тебе на ЕУ.