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Hello, I recently heard about the release of Discovery Season, and I really wanted to play it. A few details. I live in Ukraine and I am 16 years old.
At the time of the opening of the second phase, I had already learned about SoD-e, and was eager to play it because I had heard a lot about the Vanilla version of the game. By working part-time and saving money, I still saved up for a subscription. Having created a character and started playing, I was very happy and pleasantly surprised by the game, but the next day my account was limited. I want to clarify that I did not break any rules, had almost no contact with players (exceptions are dungeons and group recruitment), and I also did not engage in fraud. Having delved deeper into this problem on the forum, I found out that these restrictions are related to the problem of Bots in this game… But Blizzard. My account is several years old! I had previously played games from Blizzard, like Hearthstone, Overwatch, and so on. I really wanted to play Discovery Season, but I just can’t. Half of the game’s actions are blocked. Such as auction, mail, exchange… I simply cannot transfer a health stone to a partner in a dungeon. I am very upset and want to know if there is any way to improve the situation? I’ve been saving for a subscription for quite a long time. I think this is wrong…

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В целом да, лучше бы они прост под прицелом ньюакки держали, без ограничений таких.
Кстати тут вроде нет смысла писать, надо на англ форум

Ты не читаешь новости по игре, так ещё и пишешь на английском языке в русскоязычной части форума. На что ты надеешься?)))
Жди 30 дней с момента оплаты подписки, в общем.

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Все правильно сделали, рмт - зло , оно разрушает игру всем, если эти меры помогут справиться с ситуацией, я обеими руками за! Небольшие неудобства для пол процента игроков, в течении нескольких недель это приемлемая плата, за оздоровление экономики всего сервера.